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ASC Care Network

American Senior Communities is excited to announce our new podcast series, hosted by our own Jerald Cosey, ASC’s Operational Leadership Development Director. A veteran facility administrator at ASC, Jerald’s mission in this role it three-pronged, he invests in new leader development, overseeing the Administrator in Training (AIT) cohort process, which certifies administrative licensure on State and Federal levels. Jerald also uses his years of experience as a community leader to mentor and motivate current leaders, guiding them to be intentional in developing new skill sets. Jerald reinforces current leaders, providing personal coaching, and developing deeper servant leadership education programs. In addition, he plays a role in fostering ASC’s continued operational evolution as an industry leader in senior healthcare. One of Jerald’s goals is to influence our industry for the greater good, enabling us all to provide the best healthcare possible to a vulnerable population.

In this podcast series, Host Jerald Cosey explores topics salient to leaders in senior healthcare. As American Senior Communities Operational Leadership Development Director, Jerald brings his years of experience in the healthcare industry and his passion for mentoring and developing other professionals to the table for thought-provoking discussions. Designed to inspire and motivate healthcare professionals, Jerald proposes various themes influencing leaders today, recognizing the need for self- care, the essential components of leadership and more. Thoughtful advice, motivation and reflection from Jerald and his guests, presented in an enjoyable and intimate atmosphere, this is Empowering Senior Healthcare.

Please tune in, follow and enjoy all episodes wherever you find your podcasts.