Benny Fray is the Maintenance Director at Columbia Healthcare Center and Colt Tennyson is one of our residents. These gentlemen had two things in common when they met: neither was enthused by the idea of a “CARE Companion” and both loved Harleys.

At a morning staff meeting, a fellow manager shared how Colt loved motorcycles but thought he would never get to see one again. That caught Benny’s attention. Benny visited Colt’s room with pictures of motorcycles Benny had on his phone. Their friendship took off! Benny continued to visit Colt. Each time, Colt recalled the pictures Benny shared.

Benny wanted to do something special for his new friend, so he brought his bike to Columbia after lunch one day. Benny, Colt, and other members of the community made their way outside where Benny’s Harley awaited. Colt beamed in awe of the shimmering machine he had not seen in so long. Benny could see Colt’s happiness. “You want to turn it on?” Benny asked. Colt turned the key and felt the roar of the engine. “Want me to rev it real good?” Benny asked him. Colt nodded and Benny revved the engine as loud as it could go! Colt’s eyes filled with tears, the bike sang, and Benny beamed knowing he had brought bikes back into Colt’s life.

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