Meet Brandie Cox, RN/DNS at Cypress Grove, and resident Diana Fidler.

The two of them have a history that spans decades, and their relationship has come full circle. When Diana came to Cypress Grove in need of nursing and therapy services, she was understandably nervous. However, seeing Brandie Cox’s familiar face came as a huge relief! Diana had been Brandie’s daycare provider when she was a child, and Brandie’s mother was also a nurse, so Diana knew she was in good hands.

“Diana had a safe and fun house and was always finding ways to help us learn and grow,” Brandie said.

“Diana would care for me even if I was sick, and she was an amazing second mom when I needed her. I feel very honored and privileged to be able to pay her back for all the care she gave me. Diana has reminded me why I love doing what I do.”

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