Meet Carrie Justus, Social Services Assistant, and Meadow Lakes resident, Bud Blaschke.

Bud is a longtime resident of Meadow Lakes, but Carrie and Bud first met when his son was admitted to Meadow Lakes in 2010. She was assigned as his son’s primary CNA. It wasn’t long before Carrie, Bud and Bud’s wife, Jo, started to develop a deep connection during Jo’s daily visits. When the time came for Bud to transition to Long-Term Care from the his Garden Home, Carrie became his primary CNA as well. As Carrie grew in her career and moved from one position to another, she has always made Bud and his needs her priority. By visiting him daily and checking in on him, their connection has just gotten stronger over time.

The two like to share stories of their families and even have the same hobbies, including their love of fishing and being outdoors. In fact, the two have grown so close that Bud’s great-grandson is now best friends with Carrie’s son!

This is a true definition of CARE Companions at work!

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