Meet Dawn Brooks, Director of Marketing and Admissions and Meadow Lakes resident, Raymond Glaze.

Whether it is bonding over their love for family or Raymond recounting his past, Dawn loves to visit him and listen to his stories. As his CARE Companion, she would visit him every day, say hi and try to make small talk. But it wasn’t until his grandson was visiting with some other family members that Dawn found that true connection. Raymond, too, comes from a large family. He is one of eight siblings and Dawn is one of six.

Dawn says, “His love for his wife, Barbara, and their 72 years of marriage is absolutely inspiring. He is often giving me tips to a successful marriage and a happy life in general!” Dawn said one of Raymond’s favorite pieces of advice is, “Love each other and the rest is easy.”

Raymond served in World War II, as did Dawn’s great grandpa. Raymond also retired from General Motors where he worked for 45 years as a machine repairman. Dawn’s grandpa also retired from GM. The two joke that Raymond and her grandpa would have been friends just like the two of them.

Raymond enjoys bowling and golfing and promises to teach Dawn a thing or two, as she is not great with a golf club or a bowling ball. Each day, Dawn looks forward to her conversation with Raymond; she learns something new each time they talk.

Download Floor Plans & Pricing Information

Download Floor Plans & Pricing Information