Meet DeeDee Morgan, Actvities Director, and Lake Pointe Village resident, Flossie Borders.

Flossie and DeeDee are more like family members than friends. They’ve been important to each other for several years, and DeeDee has been a helpful guide to Flossie on her journey through senior healthcare.

They first met through Flossie’s son, who is also a resident at Lake Pointe Village. Flossie had been trying to set up a date to visit her son and DeeDee assisted in getting everything set up. Though their relationship first bloomed through casual conversation, it quickly developed into more as the two found they had many similarities.

They both love nature and enjoy discussing the butterflies that come to visit in the spring, they value their families above all else and both share religious beliefs. It wasn’t long before they set up a schedule to meet and have hot chocolate every morning. No matter how busy their lives get, they always make sure to set aside some time for one another.

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