Meet Kim Hallenbeck, Customer Care Coordinator and Coventry Meadows’ resident, Betty Barbee.

Kim first met Betty while working as a Memory Care Support Specialist for a sister facility. Betty captured her heart instantly with her spunky personality, her sense of humor and her smile. The two just sort of clicked. Kim thinks it’s because they are both Pisces, love old blues and gospel music and enjoy poetry. Betty would write poems about the staff and Kim would type them up for her and have her read them aloud during activities. Betty’s kind and funny words about the staff would really make their day. Kim eventually took a different position with ASC but continued to visit stay connected with Betty.

After visiting this past Christmas, Betty remained on Kim’s mind. Then, in February of this year, Kim was asked to visit a referred patient and when she stepped into the gentleman’s room, the two locked eyes and smiled. It was Betty’s son! He had plans to admit to Kim’s community for rehabilitation. The two talked about Betty and shared stories of her. It was at this time that the family decided that Betty and her son should reside in the same community. Because of this decision, Betty and Kim have been reunited! Kim is so excited to be able to see Betty every day again. Each time Kim visits Betty, she says, “I am greeted with a big smile, a dance, a poem or a ‘Hey, Little Bit,’ which is the nickname she has given me. I am grateful for our friendship and the connection that brought her back into my life.”

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