Meet Maryanne Harlan, Activities Director and Wayne Brown, Cypress Grove resident.

Maryanne hails from Tennessee and Wayne from Kentucky. Both are huge fans of Hank Williams Jr., who happens to live right in the middle of where they grew up. Each of them has tracked down Hank’s home in Paris, TN and both used to love visiting the night club he owned back in the day where they would listen to live country music.

Maryanne and Wayne share a love for all country music and frequently chat about their favorite country music singers. Wayne can answer any trivia question about old country music, so Maryanne loves to quiz him about it. Thanks to these interactions, Maryanne discovered that Wayne used to be in a band, specializing in singing Hank Williams Jr. songs. He was so good that he was asked to sing on the show, “You Can Be A Star.” They have learned a lot about their favorite music and each other by becoming close companions.


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