Suzie King, RN MDS Coordinator, and Bethany Village Resident Carolyn Harris have been friends since Suzie arrived at Bethany Village in 2016. Carolyn has been in various neighborhoods throughout the community and has always requested that Suzie be her CARE Companion.

Suzie visits Carolyn on a daily basis and if she’s not providing lunch for Carolyn, she’s filling her candy bowl or making trips to Dollar General to get Carolyn the items she’s requesting. These two Virgos bond over their natural caregiving abilities while being very independent and humble! These characteristics are certainly portrayed during their daily morning chats. Suzie is Carolyn’s “go to gal” for all things Bethany Village – supplies, medical advice, snacks – you name it.

These two add lots of flavor and spice to the Village and we enjoy hearing all about their daily connection!

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