Comparing the Costs of Senior Care

comparing senior care costs

Planning Ahead: Elderly Care Costs

The general rule of thumb is that the sooner you start planning for your future, the better. This means as you reach retirement age, it’s important to have some ideas in mind about how and where you wish to live, as well as how you’ll be able to cover any senior housing costs.

For many people, aging in place in the home is what they consider ideal. They assume that if their health does begin to decline, they can simply hire a home healthcare agency to come and provide the daily assistance they need. However, is in-home healthcare the most affordable option? Also, is this the safest way to live out your senior years?

Senior Care and Housing Costs

It’s important to do your research when you start planning for your future needs. If you choose not to downsize your home early on and move to an independent living community that offers a continuum of care, you may be forced to make a decision due to an injury or illness. If or when you can no longer care for yourself properly at home, it’s good to know what other options you have as well as some of the senior care costs involved at each.

Here is a quick comparison of the different types of long-term care, the services provided, and a general overview of the costs.

Type of Care Services Included Costs*
Assisted Living Community Private or semi-private apartments

Help with daily living activities (dressing, bathing, medications)

Daily meals

Housekeeping, laundry


Social events and activities

In the state of Indiana, the cost of assisted living is around $3,500 monthly.
Skilled Nursing Facility/Nursing Home Assistance with daily living activities

Daily meals

Housekeeping, laundry

Social activities and events

Medical treatment  as needed

Rehabilitative therapies- physical, occupational, speech/language

Around-the-clock medical care

Depending on whether you have a private or semi-private room, monthly costs for skilled nursing care can be anywhere from $6,400 to $7,700.
In-Home Healthcare Assistance with healthcare needs – medications, injections wound care, health monitoring

Post-operative care

In-home health care costs in the state of Indiana are around $3,800 monthly.

*These costs are a generalization and will vary by the community, facility or in-home healthcare agency.

The chart above shows that the cost of assisted living in the state of Indiana is actually the most affordable senior care option. Of course, skilled nursing facilities do provide a higher degree of care and more medical services than an assisted living community, where residents are encouraged to live as independently as possible.

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