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In the state of Kentucky, families seeking senior care have a wide variety of options. One might think that a Personal Care community and an assisted living community are the same, but a closer look will reveal the differences. The most distinguishable difference between assisted living and Personal Care communities is the level of care offered. Personal Care communities offer the same social environment and services as assisted living, with the added benefit of a licensed medical staff. Assisted living cannot provide medical assistance unless it is outsourced, which then would result in additional costs. However, Forest Hills Commons is a licensed Personal Care community offering residents the best of both worlds by providing world-class Personal Care along with an enriching social environment.

Lifestyle and Senior Care Options in Louisville Include:

  • Personal Care Apartments
  • Memory Care Apartments
  • New Energy Wellness
  • Independent Living Apartments
  • Respite

Licensed Personal Care

Licensed Personal Care communities provide both the social and medical assistance that some

may require or desire in their long-term care. Personal Care communities are licensed by the

Office of Inspector General. They can assist with medication as well as disease-specific treatment assistance that one may require.

A licensed Personal Care community may include:

  • Administration and documentation of all types of medications. Personal Care communities assume liability for all administered medications.
  • Management of all aspects of medication dispensing, including recording, administration, reordering and monitoring changes in medication orders.
  • Security of medications, which are locked in a medication cart accessible to nurses and medication technicians only.
  • Nursing functions, including injections and other nursing interventions with support from a trained medication technician, present 24 hours per day.
  • Pre-residency assessments performed prior to residency.
  • Wellness checks performed and recorded monthly in the residents’ medical records.
  • Staff background checks through the State Nurse Aide Abuse Registry.
  • Scheduled and non-scheduled room checks, allowing the community to provide care to the most independent and the most frail residents.

Certified Assisted Living

Certified assisted living communities focus primarily on the social aspects of long-term care, offering residents with lower-level medical assistance. A certified assisted living community is optimal for those who are looking for an environment where they can participate in activities with people who share a common interest but can primarily function on a day to day basis on their own.

In certified assisted living, the community:

  • Cannot administer medications or apply prescription ointments, shampoos, eye drops or patches.
  • Can prompt an individual to self-administer medications.
  • Cannot assist with any PRN (as needed) medications.
  • Is not responsible for any monitoring of medications — recording, reordering or med changes.
  • Make medications accessible to residents at all times. No locked medication carts.
  • Is not required to have nurses and does not perform nursing functions.
  • Does not have medication technicians.
  • Is not required to perform assessments prior to move-in to determine eligibility.
  • Is not required to perform ongoing wellness checks.

Professional and Courteous Senior Living Support

People make all the difference.The senior care experts at Forest Hills Commons are dedicated professionals, following a calling to serve.

“I give 100% credit to Forest Hills Commons. I wasn’t able to walk and now I exercise at least five days a week. New Energy Wellness has helped me regain strength and mobility. I also love bingo – I play for different days every week. I love everything about living here and recommend everyone to stop by and visit if you haven’t yet.”
– Bill Parker, Forest Hills Commons resident

Proud to call Louisville home, Forest Hills Commons is conveniently located near many local landmarks including Oxmoor Mall, Louisville Zoo, The Parklands and Jeffersontown Gaslight Square.

For questions and inquiries, call to speak with a Senior Lifestyle Specialist or stop by for a personal visit today! We look forward to serving you!

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