Elder Fraud Education Series:
Avoiding Scams
& Swindles

African descent, senior adult woman at home sitting at kitchen table using computer.

American Senior Communities partnered with the Office of the Indiana Attorney General, Todd Rokita and the US Department of Justice to present educational sessions on how seniors can avoid scams and fraud.

Elder fraud is the act of exploiting older adults for monetary gain, such as financial fraud or identity theft. Fraudsters take advantage of seniors through numerous fear-based tactics. By posing as grandchildren or romantic interests, or emailing about bogus investment opportunities, over $5.9 billion in losses occur each year among the senior population. Elder fraud can have devastating effects not only financially, but emotionally as well

If you believe you have been a victim of Elder Fraud, this road map may be helpful in determining next steps.

Download Floor Plans & Pricing Information

Download Floor Plans & Pricing Information