Make New Friends and Share Interests by Volunteering at ASC

At ASC, we are spreading the word that we are welcoming vaccinated volunteers into our communities to meet and enjoy some time with our many amazing residents! With vaccinations providing the opportunity to get out and socialize responsibly, we want to remind everyone about this great way to meet amazing people and brighten their day as well as yours.

Our volunteers must be fully vaccinated and show proof of that as they sign in at our communities. In addition, they schedule their visits in advance by contacting their community of choice. As for the experience itself, it’s amazing! Our volunteers do not provide clinical care for our residents, they are simply invited to socialize, whether that’s a game of checkers, reading to someone, or sitting in the courtyard enjoying conversation.  

We have volunteers of all ages and the essence of volunteering with ASC involves becoming a friend. We believe in the power of stories and our residents have so many amazing stories to share from their rich lives; some of them have been around for a long time, they have great perspective, a lot of wisdom and so much humor! We often see these acquaintances blossom into rewarding friendships.

Some volunteers bring musical instruments to play for their resident friends, and upon community approval, some volunteers even bring their pets to visit, the possibilities are endless. A person who is an avid gardener might lead a Gardening Club or an ardent cook may enjoy baking with our residents. Volunteers who are passionate about spiritual care might read scriptures or sing with residents for whom that would be pleasurable, our goal is to match your interests to those of our residents.

If the era of COVID has left you feeling ready to try something new, if you’re interested in meeting absolutely amazing people, volunteering with ASC can be wonderfully rewarding and so much fun! To find senior volunteer opportunities, please select a community to visit and submit the volunteer form. If you are unsure which location, we invite you to visit our locations page on our website, here. Once we receive your request, we will schedule your time to enjoy the amazing stories, wisdom and perspective that our residents have to share.

To view a Fox 59 Pay It Forward News Segment featuring  information about ASC’s volunteer program click here.

Your willingness to share your time, talents and friendship with our residents is deeply appreciated. Now is a great time to volunteer and we have lots of opportunities available. Anyone interested can visit our website at 

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