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What is Memory Care?

Memory Care provides a safe and beneficial lifestyle for those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Our Memory Care Neighborhoods provide your loved one will have a space to call home, a community to be a part of and personalized care by our skilled and compassionate team members.

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Memory Care Options at ASC

American Senior Communities offers different levels of care for those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Review our Memory Care options below to determine which is right for your loved one. We also offer specialized Respite Care for caregivers who are caring for those with memory loss.

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Memory Care Apartments

Memory care for the early to middle stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Advanced Memory Care


Advanced memory care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Respite Care

A respite for the caregivers who give so much.

Frequently Asked Questions About Memory Care

Though it may be difficult to recognize when it is time for a loved one to make the transition to a senior living community, there are several common signs that may indicate additional support is needed. Some examples include changes in mobility, changes in hygiene and/or cleanliness of their home, mismanagement of medications, spoiled food items, significant weight loss/gain, and changes in problem solving skills. Click here to read a blog post providing some additional information.

Our communities accept a number of payment models and we have experts on staff that can identify each customer’s best options. We can also assist individuals in the application process for Medicaid coverage. If you would like to further discuss your financial options please contact us at (888) 996-8272 for more information.

ASC’s Auguste’s Cottage Memory Care neighborhoods are special, secure “communities within our communities,” each specially designed for those living with Alzheimer’s Disease or like forms of dementia. Our staff of specially trained memory care professionals uses thoughtful designs and environmental cues to increase autonomy as residents navigate through their day.

Family engagement and support is a vital connection for a person with dementia to hold on to and we encourage family visitation and outings. Our memory care professionals can provide guidance and recommendations on frequency of outings specific to your loved one needs.

Although your loved one’s essentials are provided by the community, we recommend bringing items that your loved one will recognize as their own to help personalize their space and make it feel like home. A special comforter or throw may provide a visual cue of their space and pictures of their distant past are often good conversation starters. Bring comfortable clothing, including layering options for those days that the temperature fluctuates. Please refrain from bringing any valuables or cash.

Our Team

American Senior Communities is made up of highly skilled and specialized staff that allow us to provide the best care for your loved ones. Our Memory Care experts include:

  • Activities Director: Creates and organizes fitting and interactive daily activities
  • Nutritionists: Formulates each meal to meet the nutritional and dietary requirements of each of our residents
  • Skilled Nurses: Provides personalized care and comfort to our residents and their needs
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Auguste’s Cottage ROCKS!

The Auguste’s Cottage ROCKS! Program is a music specific program that allows us to bring music in a meaningful, standardized and prolific way. We know that for those living with dementia the pathways that are responsible for processing, remembering and responding to music remain intact longer than other areas of the brain such as short term memory.

We identify songs or music that hold meaning to the resident to help him or her focus on more pleasant sensory input. Some of the many benefits of music include evoking long-term memories, temporarily restoring verbal expression, improving mood and providing social opportunities.

Encore - Generational Programming for those Living with Dementia:

The Baby Boomer generation (those who were born during the “Baby Boom” era in this country spanning the years from 1946–1964) is beginning to draw our attention in the world of Long Term Care. The first of the Boomer generation are now starting to reach the age of risk for developing gerontological challenges such as Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia. Music, leisure activities, décor, and even food preferences are often different for this group of people than for those who lived before them. We have developed unique programs customized for this independent generation.

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