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Safe Living Wherever You Call Home

Independent Living Communities | February 19, 2021

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Although someone turning age 65 today has almost a 70% chance of needing some type of senior living services and support in their lifetime, there are more options than ever to incorporate assistive technology, modify your house or receive services at home. No evaluation of senior living options would be complete without considering these. As a leader in senior care, American Senior Communities takes pride in offering educational resources to support living a healthy, safe lifestyle for seniors regardless of whether they live at home or in a senior living community. 



  • Check smoke detector batteries and replace them annually. 
  • Apply non-stick backing tape to rugs to ensure secure footing. 
  • Electrical cords should not be frayed or placed across walking areas. 
  • Pathways, doorways, porches, patios, stairs should be well lit and free of clutter. 
  • Consider two handrails for stairways, one on each side. 
  • Arrange furniture to allow easy navigation. 
  • Install sufficient lighting to illuminate rooms at night. 
  • Install nightlights in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, hallways to ensure visibility at night. 
  • Place flashlights in convenient locations in case of a power outage. 
  • Locate phones near most-used living spaces. 
  • Keep list of emergency numbers (doctors, veterinarians, relatives/caregivers) near phones. 
  • Look into a home alert system to signal for help with an easy-to-push button device. 
  • Make sure home exterior is well lighted at night.


  • Tub/shower and toilet should have secure grab bars. 
  • Be sure faucet and bath/shower handles are easy to use. 
  • Place non-skid mats in tub and shower. 
  • Install raised toilet seat, making it easier to stand up. 


  • Keep a current list of prescriptions and over-the-counter products.  
  • Share the list with doctors, pharmacist and family members. 


  • Place a fire extinguisher near kitchen and check annually. 
  • Arrange frequently used items to be within easy reach. 

Download your printable safety checklist here. 

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