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As the premier provider of Memory Care residences and services, American Senior Communities is dedicated to innovative, inclusive and personalized living. Through whole-person, wellness-based enrichment programs supported by the most credible science, we honor each day we share with each person who calls our community home.

Memory Care neighborhoods are “communities within communities” at our locations. While the Memory Care neighborhood provides enhanced safety, specially trained staff, support programs and activities of special benefit to those with cognitive challenges, we purposefully integrate amenities and activities to help Memory Care residents stay connected and experience a full and rewarding lifestyle to the extent each is able. As much as possible, we focus on natural and positive strategies above medication to improve quality of life for our residents.

Though we embrace the principles of person-centered care, we take it an important step further. Here, whole person-centered care more accurately describes what we do. We honor each resident by focusing on his or her strengths. We also honor each day – reminding ourselves, our residents and their families that even though cognitive loss cannot be recovered, each day brings opportunities to live meaningfully and take pride in what can be experienced and accomplished.

A memory care neighborhood is the perfect environment for residents experiencing the early and middles stages of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Each memory care community customizes the care and program based on the resident’s individual strengths and needs. The unique structured program gives the opportunity to maximize and sustain each resident’s independence.

At American Senior Communities, our memory care programming consists of physical, cognitive, creative, sensory and spiritual activities along with a variety of other outlets to allow residents to freely express themselves. Along with group memory care programs designed to enhance socialization, there is also a strong focus on service projects in hopes of involving and keeping the individuals active in the community.

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