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5 Ways Assisted Living Improves Quality of Life

Assisted Living | March 22, 2017

assisted living communities improve quality of life for residentsAlthough some seniors may associate the thought of moving to an assisted living community with the loss of their independence, many residents report the exact opposite after making the transition. Living alone in the home can present a wide variety of challenges to seniors as their health begins to decline. In fact, some daily activities can even become downright dangerous.

Assisted living communities offer 24-hour care and amenities for those who need some assistance with activities of daily living, but do not yet require the medical care a skilled nursing home provides. This means that while privacy and independence are always encouraged, both residents and their families have peace of mind that day or night, help is available if it becomes necessary.

Assisted Living Services Promote Independence

While change can be a challenge at any age, seniors in assisted living communities generally adjust to their new lifestyles after a short period of time. Then, they begin to reap the benefits of all the amazing assisted living services and amenities that make their lives worry-free.

Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle. When you move into an assisted living apartment, you’ll receive help with some of those housekeeping tasks that may have become difficult, like cleaning the bathroom or doing laundry. In fact, the staff will even go as far as changing lightbulbs for residents, so there’s no worry about the dangers associated with climbing a ladder.

Stay safe and comfortable. Modifying your current home so you can move about safely and easily after mobility has become limited can be an expensive endeavor. However, assisted living communities are designed with seniors’ unique needs in mind, with wider doorways and hallways for better accessibility. Plus, if an accident such as a fall were to occur, help would arrive in just minutes.

Engage with others on a regular basis. Assisted living communities recognize the importance social interactions have on your overall health, so daily and weekly activities are always offered. Continue building those important relationships and find new friendships with those who share similar interests.

Age and live healthier. Residents enjoy three nutritious meals each day. Plus, meals can be customized to individual dietary needs to ensure optimal health. Stay physically fit by taking part in senior exercise programs and classes taught by staff who specialize in senior health.

Have all your healthcare needs attended to. Finally, one of the most important benefits of moving to an assisted living community is simply knowing that should your health needs change, the level of care you receive will adjust, too. You’ll receive assistance with medication management, plus help with activities like bathing, dressing or eating as needed.

Staying independent as you age means sometimes accepting a helping hand. At an assisted living community, you’ll receive the proper care you need and so much more!

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