“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

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What is Share to Care Fund, Inc.?

Sometimes the unexpected happens and a little extra help is needed. ASC employees go above and beyond each day to serve our customers and each other. So we are proud to provide them that extra help through our Share to Care fund. 

Share to Care Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization funded by donations. The fund was developed to provide financial assistance and temporary relief for employees and/or their families encountering sudden financial hardship due to unexpected life events such as a natural disaster, major illness, or a non-work-related accident.

How to Donate to Share to Care

Anyone can make contributions to the Share to Care fund easily using PayPal. 

ASC employees can also enroll in a payroll deduction where an amount of their choosing is automatically deducted from each paycheck and deposited into the Share to Care fund.

Click here to access the online payroll deduction form.

In much the same way that many droplets of rain can quickly fill a bucket, the many small contributions from throughout our ASC family all help to create an impactful resource for our employees in time of need.

How to Apply for Share to Care Assistance

To apply for Share to Care assistance, please review the eligibility criteria detailed below to ensure the minimum requirements are met prior to completing an assistance grant application. You can access the grant application here. All applications will be treated as confidential. Please include all supporting documentation as outlined in the documentation requirements section. Supporting documentation and application should be reviewed by your Facility Leader who will forward the documents to Share to Care for review.

Assistance Eligibility Criteria

  • Assistance grants are available for employees who have been employed with the company a minimum of 6 months of continuous employment. For the purpose of this program, your most recent hire date will be used.

  • The qualifying event must have occurred within 6 months of employment prior to the date the application form is submitted.

  • The applicant does not have access to other financial resources or those resources are not enough to meet the need at hand.

  • Supporting documentation is required to accompany the application for an assistance grant. (Please see Documentation Requirements.) Submitted documents must be official statements or on company letter head of the entity seeking collection of funds.

Please review the updated Application, Documentation Requirements and Frequently Asked Questions effective 5/1/2024.

Or scan the QR code below:

Examples of Grant Requests which may be approved:

  • Serious illness of employee or immediate family member which has a significant impact on employee family financial situation.
  • Death of an employee or immediate family member which causes a financial hardship.
  • Victim of a violent crime such as domestic violence, bodily injury, etc.
  • Funds for basic needs such as food, clothing or shelter resulting from a natural disaster or personal emergency, for example non-work-related accident, tornado, flood, earthquake, fire, ice storm, hurricane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Share to Care Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization funded by donations. The fund is intended to provide financial assistance to employees who experience unexpected and devastating financial setbacks as a result of a non-work-related accident, illness, injury, death, natural disaster or other catastrophic or emergency hardship events.

The Share to Care Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization funded by donations from American Senior Communities employees/companies/affiliates and others.

Employees can contribute through payroll deduction via the digital link here: Share to Care Payroll Deduction Form. Also, via PayPal on asccare.com/sharetocare/ or a one-time donation. We also host events and other opportunities throughout the year to raise contributions.

Complete the digital link here: Share to Care Payroll Deduction Form or talk to your Payroll/ Benefit Contact at your facility to complete the digital link to cancel your payroll elections.

Employees who sign up for automatic payroll deductions will see their deductions on each pay stub and annual W-2. One-time donations and community member donations will be provided with an acknowledgement letter near the time of their donation.

Full-time, part-time and PRN employees of the Company, who each are working an average of at least 4 hours per week and have been employed by the Company for a minimum of 6 months of continuous employment at the time of application. The qualifying event must have occurred within 6 months of employment prior to the date the application is submitted. Payments will only be made to active employees or employees on an approved leave because of the event; except for the death of an employee where the check will be disbursed to a representative of the deceased. For the purpose of this program, your most recent hire date will be used.

The Share to Care Fund is intended to provide basic necessities and temporary relief to those who encounter sudden financial hardship due to a catastrophic and sudden life event such as natural disaster, fires, or domestic violence situations that result in homelessness as well as major illness or non-work-related accidents. As each situation is unique and needs are different, we always recommend you review the grant application and review more information on the kinds of events that qualify and those that do not.

No. All eligible applications are reviewed by the committee and approval/denial is based on whether the hardship meets the guidelines for assistance.

Share to Care funds will not be granted for situations where an individual is experiencing financial difficulties due to poor financial management, bad judgment or negligence.  Also, funds cannot be used for legal fees or fines as well as for any event or financial hardship that is a result of illegal activity committed by the employee or an immediate family member.  (Unless the employee is a victim of domestic violence.)  Also, funds will not be given to cover student loan debt. 

If approved, the committee determines what the appropriate method of payment should be and may direct funds be paid to vendors whom the employee owes a debt to.

An application cannot be submitted without the employee/applicant signature. All applications should be submitted by the Facility Leader or any Director or above. If the employee is incapacitated, then a family member may submit to the Facility Leader on their behalf. In the event of a family member’s submission, the committee will ask for evidence to support that the employee is not able to submit on their own behalf.

Yes, the application asks questions that are specific to the review process. Not completing the application completely will delay the review process. If you need assistance with filling out the form, please contact your Facility Leader.

The selection committee will determine the type and amount of the award based on individual needs and funds, goods and/or services available and other criteria set by the committee.

No, committee decisions are final, so it is important to provide as much information as possible for the committee to make an informed decision.

All donations will be included in one Share to Care Fund, which is available to all stakeholders and community members of American Senior Communities affiliated entities (including Home Office). One fund will work to everyone’s advantage by making the larger pool of funds available to all applicants in their time of need.

Immediate family member is defined as Spouse or Domestic Partner, Child (biological, adopted, stepchild, foster child, legal ward), Son-in law or daughter-in law, Parent (biological, adoptive parent, stepparent, father-in law, or mother-in law).

Grant applications will be reviewed and notice for approval or denial is sent to the facility leader to communicate with the employee as soon as possible, usually within fourteen (14) days after all information is received. The review process will not officially begin until all required documentation has been submitted with the completed application. Please be sure to provide as much information as you can including receipts for expenses, bills that you may not be able to pay and other details to speed up the review process.

Employees who experience financial hardships due to a qualified catastrophic event should contact their Facility Leader. Be prepared to include all supporting documentation as outlined in the documentation requirements section, as this will expedite the review process.

Only one request for assistance per family, per year, (rolling twelve (12) month calendar) will be granted in 365-day period. Employees cannot apply for the same financial hardship more than once.

Share to Care does not request or collect information with respect to the age, gender, or ethnic background of applicants and does not discriminate with respect to an employee’s age, ethnic background, gender, religion, or sexual preference in the awarding of financial assistance. Read full legal disclaimer.

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