"A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal."

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What is Share to Care Fund, Inc.?

Each and every day, ASC employees go the extra mile to serve our customers, their families and each other. We care about them deeply and are so proud to offer the Share to Care fund which enables employees and others to financially support ASC healthcare heroes in time of need.   

Share to Care Fund, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization funded by donations. The fund was developed to provide financial assistance and temporary relief for employees and/or their families encountering sudden financial hardship due to unexpected life events such as a natural disaster, major illness, or a non-work-related accident.

How to Donate to Share to Care

Anyone can make contributions to the Share to Care fund easily using PayPal. 

ASC employees can also enroll in a payroll deduction where an amount of their choosing is automatically deducted from each paycheck and deposited into the Share to Care fund.

Click here to access the online payroll deduction form.

In much the same way that many droplets of rain can quickly fill a bucket, the many small contributions from throughout our ASC family all help to create an impactful resource for our employees in time of need.

How to Apply for Share to Care Assistance

To apply for Share to Care assistance please review the eligibility criteria detailed below to ensure the minimum requirements are met prior to completing an assistance grant application. You can access the Medical Assistance Grant by clicking here. For a Non-Medical Assistance Grant, click here. All applications will be treated as confidential. Please include all supporting documentation as outlined in the eligibility criteria section. Supporting documentation can be given to the Payroll/Benefits Contact at your community who will forward the documents to the Share to Care Administrator for review. 

Assistance Eligibility Criteria

  • Assistance grants are available for employees and their families after 90 days of employment and are also available to those who have separated from ASC within the previous 30 days due to their illness or death. For the purpose of this program, your most recent hire date will be used.
  • The applicant does not have access to other financial resources or those resources are not enough to meet the need at hand. 
  • Supporting documentation is required to accompany the application for an assistance grant. (Examples of documentation include eviction/foreclosure notices, past due utility notice, police/fire report, medical bills, invoice of funeral expense etc.) Submitted documents must be official statements or on company letter head of the entity seeking collection of funds.

Examples of Grant Requests which may be approved:

  • Serious illness of employee or immediate family member which has a significant impact on employee family financial situation.
  • Death of an employee or immediate family member which causes a financial hardship.
  • Victim of a violent crime such as domestic violence, bodily injury, etc.
  • Funds for basic needs such as food, clothing or shelter resulting from a natural disaster or personal emergency, for example non-work-related accident, tornado, flood, earthquake, fire, ice storm, hurricane.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An independent selection committee, comprised of ASC employees selected by the Share to Care Board, will review the applications once submitted.
  • In most cases a decision will be made within seven business days, provided all required documentation has been submitted. The applicant may be contacted by the review committee with questions or the need for additional documentation. 
  • In most cases, for approved grants, funds will be available within three business days.
  • The selection committee strives to connect applicants with additional helpful community resources when available, whether the grant is approved or not.

The independent selection committee will determine the amount of the award based on individual needs, funds available and other criteria set by the committee. 

  • Applications submitted more than thirty (30) days after qualifying event.
  • More than one request per hardship per employee, or within 365 days from prior grant.
  • Assistance to individuals experiencing financial difficulties due to poor financial management, judgement or negligence.
  • Legal fees and/or fines.
  • Any event that is a result of illegal activity committed by the employee or immediate family member (other than where employee is a victim of domestic violence).
  • Student loans.

Employees who sign up for automatic payroll deductions will see their deductions on each pay stub and annual W-2. Employees and community members donating via Pay Pal will be provided with an acknowledgement letter following the donation.

All donations made to the Share to Care Fund are pooled into one fund and used to support any employee from ASC or an affiliated company.

For the purpose of this program, immediate family member is defined as legal spouse or legal dependent child up to age 21. Also included are children over 21 if the child is unable to participate in self-sustaining employment due to a disability which existed prior to reaching age 21 and the child receives over half of their support in the current year from the employee.

Share to Care does not request or collect information with respect to the age, gender, or ethnic background of applicants and does not discriminate with respect to an employee’s age, ethnic background, gender, religion, or sexual preference in the awarding of financial assistance. Read full legal disclaimer.

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