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Our Goals:

Our goals are to facilitate best practices in procurement of goods and services necessary for the effective and efficient operation of ASC, and to ensure that such goods and services represent best value, high quality and timely delivery while maintaining ASC’s high quality of standards in the marketplace.

Become a Vendor:

If you are interested in developing a business relationship with American Senior Communities, contact us at and include your contact information as well as the goods and/or services you sell.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Supplier Diversity

    American Senior Communities is committed to purchasing goods and services from a diverse pool of suppliers, including minority, individuals with disabilities, women and veteran-owned businesses. Accordingly, we may post bid opportunities on our website. All interested vendors are invited to provide quotes by replying to Vendors who meet the capabilities and qualifications will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability or veteran status.

  • Elder Justice Act

    The Elder Justice Act (the “Act”) requires healthcare providers to provide an annual notice to its vendors of their obligation to report reasonable suspicion of a crime against a resident of a healthcare facility. One who fails to report is subject to civil penalties of up to $300,000 and exclusion from participation in any federal healthcare program.

    A report of reasonable suspicion of a crime against a resident must be made to the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) and local law enforcement. If the suspected crime involves bodily injury, the report should be made within two hours of the incident. If the suspected crime does not involve bodily injury, the report should be made within 24 hours after forming the suspicion. Such potential incidents can and should be reported to American Senior Communities’ toll free Compliance Hotline at 1-888-788-2502.

    Healthcare providers may not retaliate against anyone who lawfully reports the reasonable suspicion of a crime against a resident, as provided in the Act.

    Anyone who has lawfully made such a report and believes that they have become the subject of retaliatory action may file a complaint with the ISDH. To file a complaint regarding retaliation, the reporting party may call the ISDH Complaint Hotline at 1-800-246-8909, or email the complaint to

  • ASC Compliance Hotline & Website

    The ASC Compliance Hotline and Website is managed by a third party vendor. All reports can be filed anonymously, if preferred.
    Hotline: 1-888-788-2502

  • Standards of Conduct

    The ASC Purchasing Services Group’s obligation is to provide superior goods and services to its internal customers and the communities they serve. ASC also recognizes its responsibility to its suppliers. In order to support our mission of providing quality buying programs that provide value to our communities and owners in a responsible and ethical manner, the ASC Purchasing Services Group has developed these Standards of Conduct.

    These standards provide guidance in resolving issues that may arise in the course of doing business. In addition, policies have been established to ensure adherence to these Standards of Conduct.

    ASC’s Purchasing Services Group will:

    • Provide superior levels of service to our internal customers, owners, and internal partners.
    • Create a workplace that fosters respect and dignity for the individual.
    • Recognize that ASC is subject to various state and federal laws and regulations, which involve many regulatory authorities and agencies. ASC will abide by these laws and regulations.
    • Act in a law-abiding and ethical manner in all business activities.
      Promote business relationships based on trust and respect.
    • Neither gain nor seek to gain any advantage through the improper use of business courtesies or other inducements.
    • Act as the central point for all communications related to all aspects of ASC purchasing agreements.
    • Provide a forum for suppliers to discuss areas of concern regarding the negotiation and implementation process.
    • Disclose to management fully any actual or potential conflicts of interest.
    • Support products and services that are not harmful to the environment as outlined in ASC’s Environmental Responsibility Guidelines.

    ASC’s suppliers will:

    • Furnish quality goods and services that meet all regulatory standards and generally accepted standards of care.
    • Provide superior customer service to ASC and its centers.
      Comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations in conducting all aspects of business.
    • Not engage in any activity intended to defraud any organization of money, property or services.
    • Not conduct business activities that contribute to the violation of human rights.
    • Comply with all applicable antitrust laws that regulate competition.
    • Accurately report payments to appropriate tax authorities and file all tax returns in a manner consistent with applicable laws.
    • Disclose fully to appropriate management any actual or potential conflicts of interests.
    • Act in an environmentally responsible manner when manufacturing and distributing products.
    • Not distribute information regarding proposals to ASC or ASC agreements without ASC’s prior approval.
    • Maintain ASC’s business information in strict confidence and refrain from any such disclosure without ASC’s prior written consent.
    • Comply with ASC’s Code of Ethics.
    • Refrain from giving or receiving any gifts, gratuities or business courtesies that are contrary to ASC policy.

    In the spirit of constructive supplier relationships, ASC and each of its suppliers will make every effort to support the implementation of ASC agreements. In this spirit, ASC expects that its suppliers will honor the entire ASC agreement portfolio by respecting the awards made to other suppliers.