Long-Term Care

When is Long-Term Care Right for You or Your Loved One?

It’s not always an easy decision, but long-term care is often the best option for seniors who can no longer be cared for at home due to illness, injury, frailty or other limitations. Whether a senior needs long-term care is determined by a healthcare professional who assesses an individual’s ability to perform routine tasks of life. Under the guidance of an attending physician, long-term acute care is provided at our long term care centers by licensed nurses, specially trained health care aides and a full interdisciplinary care team.

Long-term care includes a variety of services for people who cannot care for themselves for extended lengths of time. When you or your aging loved one can no longer be cared for in the home, long-term care offers around the clock care by a specially trained team of healthcare professionals. Physical, occupational and speech therapies are also available to ensure our long term health care residents function at the highest level of independence as possible. The setting is home-like, cheerful, soothing and secure to ensure the highest quality of life is maintained for you or your loved ones.

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