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Senior Volunteer Opportunities at American Senior Communities

Volunteering in a senior community can be a very rewarding experience. Giving your time, talent and skills can truly make a difference in the lives of others.

As a volunteer, you could be that much-needed friend, that ear who will listen to fascinating stories of the past and present. There are various tasks that some elderly residents are no longer able to perform for themselves. Some senior care volunteers may help patients straighten out their closet or drawers. Others may help them write a letter. Sometimes, bringing someone a box of chocolates or some flowers goes a long way!

Along with the word ‘volunteering’ comes many ideas and images about what it means to volunteer with seniors. In reality, it simply means being a friend. Many volunteers have reported a feeling of great pride and satisfaction knowing that they made someone’s day a little easier, or a little brighter. At American Senior Communities, we offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to find senior volunteer opportunities, and spend some of your time at one of our senior living communities, please fill in the form fields below and we will contact you. Your willingness to share your time, talents and friendship with our residents is deeply appreciated.

Please note that you must select a community to submit the volunteer form. If you are unsure which location, we invite you to visit our locations page.

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