Celebrating our Centenarians!

Imagine navigating life against the backdrop of the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, two world wars, the Space Age, the Digital Age and many other historical events. The remarkable centenarians we serve at American Senior Communities possess a wealth of knowledge and are living historical treasures. 

What a privilege it is to share their amazing stories and valuable advice. We invite you to scroll through this photo album honoring some of the wonderful Centenarians that we are honored to serve at ASC.

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Centenarian Robert Reith with blurred brick background

Robert Reith

August 31, 1923


Mr. Robert Reith was born on August 31, 1923, in Marion, Indiana. He married his wife Nancy in 1947. Robert is the father of two daughters. He lived the majority of his life in Marion, IN, until he moved to Indianapolis in 2020.

Mr. Reith is a WWII Air Force Veteran and received 5 bronze Medals. He built a Jeep by hand for one of his commanding officers. He said his main job was to drive the supply truck, although he thought flying planes would have been nice, but he enjoyed his job. Robert went to art School in New York City.

State Representative Julie McGuire visited our veterans last month. She thanked Robert for his service in the Air Force. Julie also wished him a Happy 100th Birthday!

Rose Hicks

December 24, 1917


Rose Hicks has always had strong faith and enjoyed leading bible study at Zionsville Meadows. She also liked to garden, but her favorite thing to do was spend time with her husband and two sons.

Ruby Harter

March 17, 1916


Ruby Harter enjoyed knitting, traveling, playing cards and gardening. She values her family above all. They were the most important thing in her life. Her advice to others is to love life and help anyone you can.

Ruby Newlin

October 4, 1919


Ruby was born in Camelsburg, Indiana to Vance and Gladys Batt. Ruby grew up with one brother and one sister. She has two sons, four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. She loves spending time with them! In 1996 Ruby was able to watch and cheer on her granddaughters on their way to a State Championship in softball!

Ruth Geers

August 26, 1919


Ruth Geers loves the arts. For her birthday, the Ally Kats Dancers gave her the performance of a lifetime. She is a joy to have in the community and is always bringing smiles to everyone's faces.

Centenarian Ruth Holsapple sitting in chair with plaid detailing

Ruth Holsapple

June 21, 1922


Ruth Holsapple was born and raised in West Union, Indiana. She is the oldest of five siblings, and the only one surviving. She married her husband Leslie in 1944, after he mailed a diamond ring to her from Europe where he was serving in the Air Force. Together they had four children: two boys and two girls. Ruth now has nineteen grandchildren, and "too-many-to-count" great-grandchildren.

Ruth attended nursing school at Union Hospital School of Nursing. She and her husband were also farmers, and Ruth drove tractors and trucks to help.

Ruth loves to knit, and her advice for living 100+ years is to "just enjoy life and your family."

Ruth Ward

November 20, 1913


Ruth Ward played the pipe and electronic organ for 75 years at numerous church and professional venues. Music was her passion.

Ruthanna Ridenour

September 19, 1915


Ruthanna Ridenour wanted to get the word out that she was reaching a major milestone, turning 100-years-old, so she announced the news on Facebook and asked for 100 likes. Instead, she got 72,000 likes, 94,597 shares and a whopping 9.6, million people wishing her a happy birthday. She had greetings from around the world, including Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Puerto Rico and Palestine. When asked what her secret to longevity is, Mrs. Ridenour had this to say: “Just keep on breathing.”

Sally Bradley

April 4, 1907


Sally Bradley is a native of Kentucky and a graduate of Kentucky State University, a historically black teacher’s college founded in the late 1880s. She was married and had no children but acted as a mother figure to the five children of her sister who died young. She also took in a special needs child she reared as her own. Her hobbies included fishing, watching basketball, going to Pacer games, gardening and cooking.

Sarah Wilson

March 14, 1915


Sarah Wilson was the first African American born in Rantoul, Illinois, formerly a military city where recruits nationwide were trained. Mrs. Wilson, now a widow, was married to Walker Wilson and has two daughters, Barbara Jones and Norma Harris, and four grandchildren, one of whom preceded her in death. Mrs. Wilson worked as a window dresser, nurse’s aide at a local hospital and security guard for Indianapolis Public School 17. Her hobbies included reading, dancing and cooking. Asked what contributes to Mrs. Wilson’s longevity, her daughter Barbara responded, “I think it’s because she lived a clean life with a strong family. We just believe and trust in God.”

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