Activities to Enjoy with Your Visiting Grandkids

grandparents with grandkids enjoying family fun month

Having your grandchildren visit you, whether you are still living independently at home or in an assisted living facility, is a wonderful treat.  Children remind us to stay young at heart and can brighten a dreary day. If you’re living in an assisted living facility, chances are the other residents will also be delighted to see your grandkids, too!

A visit to an assisted living facility might be a bit intimidating for a child, but as long as they know what to expect beforehand, the visit will be comfortable and fun for everyone.  Visiting family members is beneficial to all those involved.  Maintaining relationships with your family helps you feel socially connected to the world and will boost your mood. The grandkids will feel loved and special, and will get wonderful memories from visiting their grandparents.

Have some activities for grandkids in mind to keep them occupied and engaged during their visits:

  • Break out the board games. Keep some age appropriate board games on hand, or have the grandchildren bring their favorites with them. Or, teach them some easy card games for a few hours of fun.
  • Start a science experiment. There are many easy “experiments” you can do right in your room that don’t involve explosives or a big mess. Try adding food coloring to the water of some white carnations and see what happens.  Or create your own play-dough or slime.
  • Read a chapter of a book. Pull out a book you loved yourself as a child, and each week read one or two chapters to your grandchildren. If you leave them hanging, they’ll be sure to look forward to their next visit to hear more of the story!
  • Build a fort. Children love building forts out of blankets and pillows. Let them have at it in your room with the blankets off your bed. Just make sure they are able to help put things back at the end of the visit!
  • Do some arts and crafts. Coloring can have a calming effect on people of all ages. Color some pictures with your grandchildren and be sure to display them in your room or in the common areas. Simple crafts can be fun, too. You can use things like Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, paper bags or paper plates to make some creative homemade gifts!
  • Host a talent show. Most kids love showing off what they can do. Whether it’s singing a song they learned or a quick dance routine or even just telling a joke, your grandkids will feel special when you ask them to show off their skills.
  • Watch a movie. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up under a blanket and watch some of your favorite movies with your grandchildren.  Or, have them bring their favorites along when they visit- perhaps each visit you can switch off between your movies and theirs. This will help you get to know each other better by sharing the things you enjoy.

Cherish every moment with your visiting grandchildren! Take the time to build a special bond with them so you each look forward to the next visit.

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