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Alexus Corniuk & Peggy Jenkins

| January 10, 2020

Meet Alexus Corniuk, Cook, and Coventry Meadows resident, Peggy Jenkins.

Peggy Jenkins has always enjoyed keeping busy. Prior to moving to Coventry Meadows, she loved being a mother, she loved working at GTE as a secretary and she loved gardening in her spare time. In fact, it was her last love that helped her form a bond with Alexus Corniuk, a cook, just a short while later.

They first met after a meal Alexus had helped prepare, striking up small talk while Alexus was cleaning. The topic naturally drifted to gardening, which turned out to be a shared love between the two. It didn’t take long for them to start spending their time in the courtyard together, watering the garden and trimming the plants. One day Alexus had a big surprise for Peggy. She had decided the two of them could spend the afternoon eating a delicious meal at Conner’s Kitchen before taking a stroll through the beautiful Fort Wayne Botanical Gardens. Peggy immediately agreed to go on this wonderful adventure with Alexus, and they departed soon after.

They both had a delightful time, and Peggy is happy to tell anyone what a wonderful time she had. It remains one of their favorite shared moments.

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