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Dee Parish & Martha Brock

| June 13, 2019

Meet Dee Parish, MDS Coordinator, and resident Martha Brock.

When asked for her words to live by, Brownsburg Meadows resident Martha Brock replied, “Always be yourself and trust in God.” Martha has a special relationship with the MDS Coordinator, Dee Parish. Dee and Martha happen to share the same birthday and they enjoy celebrating together. Dee surprised Martha on her birthday recently by cooking her favorite food: chicken livers.

Dee and Martha also write poems for each other. In addition, while Martha’s grandson was on the Vatican Walk of 5,000 miles, Dee made Martha a book that included information about the stops that Martha’s grandson would be visiting on his journey. Together, they tracked Martha’s grandson online as he completed his journey through Spain.

Dee and Martha share a strong bond that started with a shared birthday, and they are now best of friends.

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