Culinary Apprenticeship Program Provides Foundation for a Career Track

Maybe you or someone you know has a passion for cooking, maybe you’ve just always been curious and interested in exploring the field of culinary arts. Whatever the case, with the Culinary Apprenticeship Program available at American Senior Communities (ASC), you now have the chance to learn marketable culinary skills and build a foundation for a career as a culinary professional.

No previous experience is needed, you can learn from the ground up. This amazing opportunity comes in the form of a one-year, paid apprenticeship, available to those sixteen years of age and older. ASC’s professional program is a Registered Apprenticeship with the Department of Labor, and it is approved by the Indiana Board of Health to provide in-person, on-the-job training combined with computer module education that will culminate in a professional Culinary patch and certification that is recognized by the culinary industry.

ASC’s Susan Ford shares exciting details regarding the Culinary Apprenticeship program on WTHR’s Inside Track here.

With this gateway program you will learn in three stages, first as a Culinary Aide, then as a Prep Cook, and then as a Cook, working alongside ASC culinary professionals in our kitchens. Not only will you learn about kitchen safety, diet types, food safety and preparation, but you’ll also learn about fine dining, etiquette and food presentation.

Turn your passion for all things culinary into a career! With ASC’s Culinary Apprenticeship Program, you’ll get paid while you learn. Our program is uniquely tailored to the senior healthcare profession, and you will have the opportunity to work your way into a potential position with ASC, eventually working under one of our culinary managers. This variety of educational modes and on-the-job training can be foundational for your career track. Transform your interest in cooking into employable culinary skills by joining ASC’s Culinary Apprenticeship Program today! Learn more on our Careers page at

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