How to Celebrate the End of the School Year With Your Grandkids

Two grandparents and three grandchildren enjoying a picnic on a grassy hillside.

The end of another school year has arrived, and parents across the country are likely celebrating! They no longer have to get sleepy kids up and out the door early every day, and there’s more time to enjoy leisure activities. And there may be another generation in the family that’s equally excited about summer break—the grandparents.

In many families, the intergenerational bond between grandparents and grandchildren is a strong one. The relationship provides benefits to both generations, from encouraging physical activity to feeling supported by unconditional love. If your grandkids recently put another year of school behind them, you might want to plan a celebration. We have a few ideas for fun summer activities you can do together.

Celebrating Summer’s Arrival With the Grandkids

  • Take a day trip or longer getaway: Depending on your family’s situation, one way to celebrate the end of the school year is by getting away together. It could just be a day at a local children’s museum, water park or zoo. If your budget permits, a weekend at the beach or a longer trip to a place like Disneyland or Super Nintendo World will give you time to enjoy one another’s company.
  • Pack a picnic and head to the park: Cities and towns all across Indiana have park systems with a rich array of programs and features. Our state is also home to four of the country’s national parks. You’ll likely find many activities to enjoy together, from fishing and sand dunes to nature hikes. Most are free or affordably priced. Don’t forget to pack a picnic basket filled with the grandkids’ favorite foods and treats!
  • Plan an outdoor movie night: Technology has made it so easy to set up a movie theater in your own backyard, especially when kids are involved. Most are adept at operating the necessary tech devices. For help getting started, see the great tips in How to Set Up a Backyard Movie Night on a Budget. If you don’t want to invest in a projector, you might be able to rent one from a local office supply store or party supply company.
  • Enroll in an art or craft class: Creative activities are popular with multiple generations, and workshops are easy to find. For example, nonprofit agencies, such as the library, art museum or park, often host one-night painting classes as fundraisers. Local artists may also offer classes at restaurants. Craft and art supply stores are an option too. Check their websites to see what is coming up.
  • Have a cookie baking party: This can be a fun afternoon for grandkids of all ages. Ask them what their favorite cookies are or search the internet for some new recipes. Purchase all the ingredients online, and maybe even a few kid-sized aprons. Plan what order you’ll make your treats in, taking into consideration those that might need to chill before baking or need time to set up afterward.

If you’d like to make sure you and the grandkids spend more time together this summer, create a bucket list. Include ideas for activities that your grandkids suggest. Don’t make it too complicated or it might hold you back from spending time together. Depending upon their ages, you could enjoy simple but fun activities like a trip to the mall for a makeover or tickets to a local sporting event.

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