Dementia Caregiver Groups: The Benefits for Family Caregivers

People sharing experiences in dementia caregiver group

A dementia diagnosis brings life changes for both our aging loved ones and those close to him or her. dover time. Family members providing care for the individual face challenges like managing their time, emotional decline and physical stress and the possibility of a strain on their finances, as well as risks to their own overall health.

Plus, family caregivers often assist their loved ones with dementia with tasks above and beyond simply helping with daily living activities. Dementia behavioral expressions like sundowning, wandering, repetitive actions, confusion and moments of upset can make caregiving duties that much more demanding on the family caregiver.

Why Join a Group for Dementia Caregivers?

Dementia or Alzheimer’s caregiver support groups are available throughout the country, providing a way for caregivers to openly communicate and find connections with others affected by the condition. Some caregiver groups are in-person, where caregivers gather in a hospital conference room, a church or a public location like a library or park. Online support groups for dementia can also connect caregivers to other members 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Dementia caregiver groups are often led by medical and Memory Care professionals or social workers who will guide the group in discussing their caregiving concerns, while the group members will offer their support and suggestions for dealing with the situation at hand.

The benefits of joining a dementia caregiver group include:

Providing validation and a chance to vent your feelings. Simply having a chance to feel heard and understood can go a long way for dementia caregivers. You know you won’t be judged for your feelings, and group members can validate your emotional reactions to your caregiving duties by sharing their own feelings, too.

Allowing you to learn from others’ experiences. While sharing your feelings with others in the dementia caregivier group, you are also provided with the opportunity to learn what techniques or measures were helpful when others dealt with similar situations. It can also provide a sense of relief to hear that you are not alone in the daily challenges caring for a loved one with dementia can bring.

Sharing of information and helpful resources. You can share information and opinions about everything from local hospitals, medications and treatments, and learn about resources from others in the caregiver group or from invited speakers. Ask for specific advice, find out what has been working and what you should avoid as you continue along your caregiving journey.

American Senior Communities hosts monthly caregiver groups known as Cottage Connections, offering both education and support to family members of those living with dementia throughout our locations – find one near you by visiting the locations page. We also offer person-centered, wellness based dementia care within our Auguste’s Cottage and our assisted living memory care apartments. Our quality respite care services allow caregivers time to attend to their own needs. Contact us today to request more information.

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