National Occupational Therapy Month

Senior going through therapy

April is National Occupational Therapy Month and it’s the perfect opportunity to show our nation’s occupational therapists how much we appreciate everything they do to improve the lives of people with disabilities, people recovering from injuries and seniors who need assistance with their activities of daily living. At American Senior Communities, we employ hundreds of occupational therapists, so we have the opportunity to see their contributions firsthand as they interact with our residents and provide customized care that treats the individual, rather than their condition. If you or a loved one is under the care of an occupational therapist, we hope you’ll take some time this month to thank them for their hard work.

Often misunderstood, an occupational therapist works with helping folks regain function- as basic as self-care needs ranging from bathing and grooming, household tasks, balancing checkbooks or discovering new hobbies that will help them stay active like knitting or playing cards. If a person lacks the ability to do it “the old way,” OTs can help them with adaptive equipment or strategies to do it a “new” way. Their creative thinking and innovation can make life better in countless ways, particularly in the challenging times we are all currently experiencing.

Write a Thank You Note

Occupational therapists don’t choose their careers because they want recognition; they perform this often difficult job because they care about other people and want to do everything they can to improve their lives. We would like to suggest that in this case, even the smallest gestures can be more meaningful than something grand. A simple thank you note can speak volumes. A brief message written from the heart can have a huge impact on an occupational therapist. We all want to know that we’re appreciated, so let your occupational therapist know that have made your life better simply by doing their job.

Providing care to people with disabilities, injuries, and medical conditions isn’t always easy but America’s occupational therapists do it because making life better for the people in their care is the right thing to do. From all of us at American Senior Communities, thank you to all the occupational therapists on our staff and all across the nation who spend their time improving the lives of those around them. For more information about American Senior Communities, visit us at

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