Senior Friendly 4th of July Activities

Fireworks, barbecues and parades— the Fourth of July always brings a variety of traditional celebrations. However, some of these events may not always be well suited for older adults. By including your loved ones in your celebrations, you allow them to feel more connected with friends and family and to become more engaged in a social setting. There are many different ways to make sure your loved one has the opportunity to join in on all of the fun!

For Seniors Who Enjoy the More Traditional Activities:

Some seniors will enjoy a backyard barbecue at a friend or family members home, or the night sky lit up with fireworks! Some ways to make these activities senior friendly include:

  • Be cautious of direct sun exposure. Make sure there is a cool, nicely shaded area for them to enjoy the day. Don’t forget the SPF!
  • Keep in mind that socializing and standing can become tiring, so provide your loved one with a comfortable seating option so they can support their back and feet. Portable chairs, cushions and wheelchairs if needed can provide your senior with the comfort to enjoy the day.
  • Hydration is key during hot summer days. Make sure you’ve got their favorite drink of choice so they stay well hydrated.
  • Summer days and summer nights can provide very different weather temperatures. Make sure your loved one is dressed appropriately for the day and has a light jacket for the evening activities.
  • Some seniors may have a different schedule than you. Be sure that they can enjoy their day with friends and family, but don’t over exert them and have someone available to take them home if needed.

For Seniors Who Prefer to Stay In:

While many seniors still enjoy the more traditional Forth of July events, they may not be able to participate outside of their home due to health restrictions. That doesn’t mean they can’t still have the opportunity to be involved with their favorite traditions, just bring the festivities to them!

  • Invite a few friends and family to their home and host a small get together with a classic barbeque meal.
  • Plan patriotic themed crafts such as door hangers, wreaths, photo frames and patriotic puzzles. Hang your crafts around so they can enjoy their artwork.
  • Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? There are a variety of patriotic themed trivia games, bingo and more that the entire family can have a blast participating in.
  • Create a mix of patriotic themed songs so you and your loved ones can have a sing-along!
  • Involve older children in assisting with making delicious patriotic themed treats such as red and blue jello or fruit kabobs with strawberries and blueberries.

It is important to keep your loved ones engaged in life, but always remember that their needs may differ from yours. For more tips on senior safety and wellness, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.

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