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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s projected that nearly one in five of all U.S. workers will be 55 or older by the year 2015. Already today, at least one in four older Americans are seeking to return to the workforce or postponing their retirement altogether. Today, more and more companies are encouraging workers to stay working past the current average retirement age of 62.

The reasons why seniors choose to seek employment after they retire can be financial, or perhaps they are just getting bored and want to find a way to fill their days again. Doing a simple search online for “senior citizen employment” brings up a vast amount of websites aimed at assisting seniors to get back into the workforce.

Senior Employment Tips

If you are a senior looking to get back into the workforce, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

1)      Update your resume. It’s probably been several years since you’ve looked at your resume. Professional resources are available to help get it rewritten and up to date.

2)      Practice your interviewing skills. Be comfortable talking about yourself. You can practice with family and friends. Another option is to try to get your first interview with an employer you are not necessarily interested in working for. This will help you go through the interview in a professional setting, and you’ll learn your areas of weakness and what you need to improve upon before the next interview.

3)      Utilize available online resources. As mentioned before, the internet has an endless amount of resources available to help you find employment. Websites like and list available opportunities in any geographical region. Plus, there are other online resources aimed specifically at your age group, like and Senior Job Bank.

4)      Seek a position you truly have an interest in. If you’re going to be heading back into the workforce, you want to enjoy the time you’re spending there. Understand what kind of job you’re seeking- do you want a relaxing, somewhat mindless job like data entry? Or perhaps you want to utilize the skills you’ve learned throughout your previous career- consulting or mentoring would be a perfect option if so. Market your strengths, knowledge, reliability and customer service skills.

5)      Stay in touch after the interview. You want potential employers to know you are truly interested in joining their company, so be sure to make follow up phone calls or emails to stay in contact.

6)      Volunteer. If you decide you’d like to try out an entirely new career, you may begin that journey by volunteering. Churches or community centers are always looking for senior volunteers, and offering your services on a voluntary basis allows you to showcase your skills and become acquainted with the job requirements and current staff. This can easily lead to a paid position within the organization.

American Senior Communities strongly believes in hiring older staff members to their teams. We recognize the many positive attributes these workers bring, and we recruit and attract those mature individuals.

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