Smart Food Choices to Fight Fatigue

A healthy breakfast

It’s been said that you only get out what you put in and that old adage usually rings true, especially when it comes to the foods you eat. When you make a conscious effort to choose healthy foods, not only will you look better and feel better, you’ll also have more energy. Today, American Senior Communities would like to share some information with you about food choices you can make to fight fatigue, giving you more energy to attack your day.

The Most Important Meal

A proper diet is about more than just the foods you eat; it’s also about when you eat and most experts agree that skipping breakfast can be a major cause of fatigue. If you find yourself crashing out during the mid-morning hours, it may be because you forgot to eat a healthy breakfast. For best results, try eating a balanced breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. For quick energy to get you going, you’ll want to include some simple carbohydrates like those found in fruits. But in order to avoid a sugar crash, you’ll need to balance those out with complex carbohydrates and proteins. Both of these molecules break down slowly, providing energy throughout the day and keeping your hunger at bay until lunch.

Some good balanced breakfast choices would include whole grain bagels, cereal or toast for complex carbohydrates, fruit or raisins for a quick burst of energy, and proteins like eggs, yogurt or cheese for energy that lasts. And remember that the same logic you applied to breakfast will help you make healthy choices for your other meals as well.

Staying Hydrated

While water doesn’t contain any of the molecules listed above, it’s still crucial to fighting fatigue. Your body needs plenty of water to sustain the chemical reactions it uses to create energy. While water requirements vary from person to person and depending on environmental factors like heat and humidity, it is recommended that you drink anywhere from a half gallon to one gallon of water every day, and you may need more if it’s a hot day or you’re engaging in vigorous physical activity.

Cut Out Caffeine and Processed Sugar

Some foods and beverages can give you an immediate energy boost but that rush tends to be short-lived and the resulting crash can leave you feeling worse than before. You may feel like you need that morning cup of coffee (loaded with sugar, of course) but you’d be better served eating a breakfast that includes whole grains, fruits, fiber and protein to increase your energy level in a more healthy way.

While these are a few general rules you can follow to be more energetic, every person is different. If you’re interested in putting together a diet plan to fight fatigue, the best thing to do is speak to your doctor, who will help you identify potential causes for your lack of energy and can help you select foods to counteract your lethargy. It may not be easy, but developing healthy eating habits will absolutely pay off in the long run.

ASC is so proud of our nutritious cuisine that our gifted Culinary Team creates to enhance our residents’ dining experience. Our team of culinary professionals is committed to creating wonderful new taste and sensory experiences for those who we serve. Enjoying a delicious meal in a pleasant environment adds to our residents’ quality of life and the ASC Culinary Team continues to enhance our culture one bite at a time. For more information about American Senior Communities, visit us at

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