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As a leading senior lifestyle and care provider for nearly two decades, American Senior Communities is committed to offering a variety of options including maintenance free housing options while offering each resident the chance to personalize their lifestyle to be as active and involved as they desire. You’ll find this philosophy at the center of everything we do, and it’s embodied in a directed program we like to call “THRIVE,” an acronym comprised of Thought, Health, Recreation, Interaction, Vocation and Expression. The THRIVE program represents the culmination of years of research into policies, best practices and utilization of community resources to promote wholeness and wellness in every dimension of living.

The Science of Living Well

We continually strive to stay informed of the latest research coming from top scientific journals and the medical community.  By approaching our lifestyle offerings from a scientific perspective, we can tailor our activities to benefit our residents in multiple ways simultaneously.  As an example, a trivia challenge can not only foster interpersonal relationships through friendly competition and social interaction, it can also serve to sharpen cognitive skills.  Similarly, regular exercise serves the dual purpose of improving joint and muscular stability while also triggering the natural chemical responses that create a sense of wellbeing. In this way, we ensure every program we offer benefits our residents in a multitude of ways.

We also offer Delay the Disease™, a nationally recognized exercise program designed for people with Parkinson’s Disease.  The program offers exercise agendas that target functional fitness and the ability to accomplish daily tasks. Participants have observed improvements in posture, balance, speech volume, while gaining a sense of independence.

Enriching Events and Activities

While physical development is certainly an important part of senior living, social, intellectual and sensory stimulation are just as crucial to the wellbeing of our residents.  That’s why we offer educational programs and assistance ranging from activities that sharpen memory and cognitive skills to classes that teach new skills. Support for creative pursuits like art classes is one aspect of this; in the past we’ve also offered Skype classes to help residents keep in touch with friends and family, Wii tournaments, Yoga classes, and even lectures on pet care, home décor and brain “aerobics.”

Self-improvement is an excellent way to derive a sense of purpose from life, but we think it’s also important to provide ample opportunities for our residents to help out their communities through volunteer activities at various charities.  We coordinate a minimum of two such events every month and encourage our residents and their families to take action and do good things for their local communities.

In addition to the range of enriching activities we offer, we also encourage our residents to involve their family members, who are always welcome to visit, participate in events, eat in our dining rooms and even stay on our premises in guest rooms or independent living apartments and Garden Homes.

Fitness and Nutrition

A healthy body is the foundation of a great life; that’s why all of our communities provide fitness and wellness programming, plus nutritious meals that address the specific dietary needs of seniors.  Our Health Promotion Coordinator works with a team of physicians, nutritionists, dietitians and physical therapists to ensure each resident has a customized wellness program to keep their body strong. Residents also have access to fitness equipment any time and regular wellness screenings ensure health issues are identified early, improving the chances of successful treatment.

In-Home Therapy Services

Despite our best efforts, injuries and health problems are always a possibility; that’s why we offer a convenient option for physical, occupational or speech therapy in the comfort of our residents’ own apartment or Garden Home.  Rehabilitation is conducted by qualified therapists, giving our residents the same level of quality care experienced in our rehabilitation center.

At American Senior Communities, we want to see every one of our residents thrive. That’s why we gear everything we do towards ensuring their needs are being taken care of at all times. For more information about ASC’s Independent living or to find a location near you visit, For assisted living, visit

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