4 Major Benefits of Assisted Living


Making the decision to move an aging loved one out of their home and into an assisted living facility can be a difficult one.  But if you notice he or she is starting to have more and more troubles with daily activities like showering, grocery shopping, cleaning the house, etc., then an assisted living facility may be an option to consider.  Chances are, if you are at the point of thinking assisted living is a possibility for them, then the time has come to make the move.

If you’re wondering if an assisted living facility is right your loved one, think about the following items:

1. Has your loved one seemed lonely or depressed?  Does he or she seem isolated from the world?

Depression is common among seniors who spend much of their time alone.  Having an active social life is vital to their well-being, and the social aspect of an assisted living facility is a phenomenal benefit. Most facilities offer a variety of social activities daily, as well as the opportunity to make new friends.  This constant source of friendship, conversation and social activity bring quality of life to seniors.

2. Do you worry for your loved one’s safety at home? Are you noticing bruises that he or she is trying to hide?

If a senior has limited mobility, the simplest task, even just getting out of bed, can be daunting. Falls are the leading cause of accidents among seniors, so they may start to worry about what might happen if they fell down and could not get up. If your loved one has an accident in an assisted living facility, he or she would not be alone for long before help was able to arrive.

3. Do you notice that your loved one hasn’t been keeping their house or yard as tidy as they used to?

Perhaps your loved one has been wearing the same clothes day after day, or their fridge is filled with spoiled food.  Seniors often start skipping the most basic of household tasks, like laundry or vacuuming due to their lack of energy or limited mobility. In an assisted living facility, seniors can feel at home without worrying about the hassle of cleaning or cooking. They don’t have to worry about grocery shopping or even making their own bed!

4. Has transportation become an issue? Is your loved one relying more and more on family members to get them around?

Although many seniors feel like driving themselves to their appointments or the grocery store adds to their independence, it can actually present a danger to themselves and others.  And if public transportation isn’t readily available, seniors may find themselves housebound more and more often. Assisted living facilities offer the benefit of transportation so they can get where they need to go without burdening family or friends.

The Benefits of Assisted Living Are Priceless

One of the biggest benefits of assisted living is the fact that they allow family members with the care their aging loved ones need.  Family can still advocate for their loved one while allowing the professional staff to improve their quality of life. While privacy and independence are always encouraged, assisted living facilities offer the security of knowing that day or night help will be available immediately.

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