5 Ways to Control Diabetes

foods to help control diabetes

Learning how to control your type 2 diabetes is key to improving your health and living an active life. Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder, affecting the body’s ability to use insulin effectively. Insulin is an important hormone that enables blood sugar in the cells of the body to be converted into energy. So, when insulin is not getting used properly, it results in an elevated amount of sugar in the blood which can damage the body.

When you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll need to monitor your blood sugar, eat healthy, get regular physical activity and take the proper medications. You’ll also need to make sure you’re maintaining regular appointments with your physician.

How to Control Diabetes in 5 Easy Ways

Proper diabetes management might seem overwhelming, but there’s actually a lot you can do to control it. Here are five easy ways to ensure you’re correctly managing your diabetes:

  • Keep an eye on your blood sugar. Monitor your blood sugar levels at different times of the day and keep track by writing down the numbers. You should also have your A1C tested at least twice a year. Along with your blood sugar, monitor your lipid levels and blood pressure to lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Make smart food choices. Think about what you’re about to put in your body before you eat it. Your meals should be a good balance of non-starchy vegetables and smaller portions of starchy foods like bread or rice. Start reading labels and weighing your food to learn how much you’re actually eating.
  • Increase your physical activity. It’s recommended to get your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day, at least five days a week. If you’ve been sedentary, talk to a doctor before beginning any physical activity and start off slowly. Even just three ten minute walks per week will help, and you can gradually increase the length of time. Or, find a class that’s right for your fitness level.
  • Lower your stress. Stress can affect your body physically by adversely affecting your blood sugar levels. Plus, stress can lead to poor eating habits. Learn how to decompress and relax through deep breathing exercises or meditation.
  • When in doubt, ask questions. If you’re just learning how to manage diabetes, seek the advice of healthcare professionals. Your doctor should work with you to create goals for your blood sugar levels and prescribe medications that can help keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. Be open to suggestions for proper diabetes management.

Managing Diabetes Daily

A few small changes in your daily routine can lead to properly managing your diabetes. Living a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, and especially those with diabetes. Reduce the risk of complications from diabetes by taking certain precautions and making healthy living part of your routine.

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