Celebrating our Centenarians!

Imagine navigating life against the backdrop of the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, two world wars, the Space Age, the Digital Age and many other historical events. The remarkable centenarians we serve at American Senior Communities possess a wealth of knowledge and are living historical treasures. 

What a privilege it is to share their amazing stories and valuable advice. We invite you to scroll through this photo album honoring some of the wonderful Centenarians that we are honored to serve at ASC.

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Ora Little

May 13, 1916


Mrs. Little, who drove her car until she was 99, has always enjoyed farm chores including gardening. A poet and a songwriter, her tip for living to 100 is to stay active. “Don’t fall in love with your bed or you're done for.” Her advice for the younger generation is to try your best and to make time for family.

Rachael Manges

August 23, 1911


Rachael Manges loves quilting and crocheting but insists her sister could crochet better. She was a stay-at-home mother. “We had too many kids for me to work,” the mother of eight said. Mrs. Manges was a longtime active member at the Church of Christ in Garrett. She grew up in Montgomery County where she went to school in a horse-drawn carriage. It was at Bowers High School where she met her husband, Cline Manges, who was her history teacher. She hated history, she said, but fell in love with the man teaching it. They were married on Dec. 29, 1934.

Ralph Martin


Reynold Frutkin

May 22, 1912


Rennie Frutkin was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He grew up to be a business executive, raising two sons with his beautiful wife, Anabel.

Rita Snoke

September 24, 1918


Rita Snoke proudly acquired her teaching licenses from Ball State University in 1948. She went on to teach in Fort Wayne Community Schools for 30+ years. Her advice to others is to always be kind, help others, love your family, work hard and love God.

Centenarian Robert Reith with blurred brick background

Robert Reith

August 31, 1923


Mr. Robert Reith was born on August 31, 1923, in Marion, Indiana. He married his wife Nancy in 1947. Robert is the father of two daughters. He lived the majority of his life in Marion, IN, until he moved to Indianapolis in 2020.

Mr. Reith is a WWII Air Force Veteran and received 5 bronze Medals. He built a Jeep by hand for one of his commanding officers. He said his main job was to drive the supply truck, although he thought flying planes would have been nice, but he enjoyed his job. Robert went to art School in New York City.

State Representative Julie McGuire visited our veterans last month. She thanked Robert for his service in the Air Force. Julie also wished him a Happy 100th Birthday!

Rose Hicks

December 24, 1917


Rose Hicks has always had strong faith and enjoyed leading bible study at Zionsville Meadows. She also liked to garden, but her favorite thing to do was spend time with her husband and two sons.

Ruby Harter

March 17, 1916


Ruby Harter enjoyed knitting, traveling, playing cards and gardening. She values her family above all. They were the most important thing in her life. Her advice to others is to love life and help anyone you can.

Ruby Newlin

October 4, 1919


Ruby was born in Camelsburg, Indiana to Vance and Gladys Batt. Ruby grew up with one brother and one sister. She has two sons, four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. She loves spending time with them! In 1996 Ruby was able to watch and cheer on her granddaughters on their way to a State Championship in softball!

Ruth Geers

August 26, 1919


Ruth Geers loves the arts. For her birthday, the Ally Kats Dancers gave her the performance of a lifetime. She is a joy to have in the community and is always bringing smiles to everyone's faces.

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