Celebrating our Centenarians!

Imagine navigating life against the backdrop of the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, two world wars, the Space Age, the Digital Age and many other historical events. The remarkable centenarians we serve at American Senior Communities possess a wealth of knowledge and are living historical treasures. 

What a privilege it is to share their amazing stories and valuable advice. We invite you to scroll through this photo album honoring some of the wonderful Centenarians that we are honored to serve at ASC.

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Betty Deree

January 7, 1920


Betty Deree loves being a mother. In fact, aside from her faith, being a mother was the most important thing to her. She often says her favorite days were when she gave birth to her daughters. Her advice to everyone is to eat lots of candy!

Carmen Leffler

November 24, 1917


We are truly honored to serve Carmen Leffler. She is a joy to be around, and her uplifting spirit makes us all smile.

Carmen Leffler

November 25, 1917


Carmen Leffler enjoys sewing, gardening and doing her and her friends’ hair. Her advice for living a long life is to always work hard.

Carminta Wright

June 24, 1913


Born June 24, 1913 in Mooresville, Mrs. Wright was married for 65 years. She has two children, Phyllis Wright and Royce Buckner. She was a homemaker.

She attended a Christian church in Mooresville, where she taught Sunday school for 20 years. She enjoys singing, listening to music and spending time with her children.

Carrie Braggs

October 15, 1909


The year Carrie Braggs was born, the first Lincoln head penny was issued, the Indianapolis 500 Race Track opened, and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People was organized. Mrs Braggs remained very sharp and witty throughout all her years. To live as long as Carrie Lee Braggs has lived, doctors suggest you stay active and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and Carrie said she did just that. She also attributes living a healthy life to her faith and belief in God.

Catherine Hennemann

August 29, 1920


Catherine "Katie" Hennemann conquered COVID-19 the same year she turned 100! Her only child, Deanna, is 80, and the two are very close. They always are so positive and love spending time with their family!

Cecil Stringer

March 7, 1918

Cecil is a COVID-19 survivor and attributes her recovery to hot sauce! Cecil loves hot sauce on everything. In addition to hot sauce, she has two big loves in her life: BINGO and her family!

Cecile Kirchner

November 11, 1911


Cecile Kirchner was a very active resident at Coventry Meadows, leading and participating in the daily activities whenever she could. She said there is no secret to her living a long life. She just lives each day doing what she enjoys. “I also think longevity runs in my family,” Cecile said.

Cedric Fowler

November 8, 1916


Cedric Fowler turned 100 years on Election Day in 2016, but age is just a number to him. Right before his 100th birthday he flew on a Warbird and would do it again in an instant. Mr. Fowler was born in Waynestown, Indiana and served in World War II in the Army Air Corps. After the war, he and his wife of 77 years, Dorothy, settled in Southport, where Mr. Fowler spent his career as an organ repairman, working statewide in churches and homes. The couple have a daughter together and three grandchildren.

Clarence Towns

July 22, 1916


Clarence Towns was formerly an endodontist. Such dentists have additional training to specialize in endodontic therapy, which involves treating the inner tissue of teeth. He also taught at the University of Illinois. As a hobby, he was a marathon runner. He ran in the Boston Marathon but didn’t start this hobby until he was 71 years old. His secret to longevity is exercise and having a balanced diet.

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