Celebrating our Centenarians!

Imagine navigating life against the backdrop of the Jazz Age, the Great Depression, two world wars, the Space Age, the Digital Age and many other historical events. The remarkable centenarians we serve at American Senior Communities possess a wealth of knowledge and are living historical treasures. 

What a privilege it is to share their amazing stories and valuable advice. We invite you to scroll through this photo album honoring some of the wonderful Centenarians that we are honored to serve at ASC.

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Lola (Jean) Hays

March 28, 1922

I was born March 28, 1922 in Muncie, Indiana. I grew up at 306 Highland Avenue. My parents are Lala Marine (Rinker) and John (Stuart) Bender. My father was born in 1900 in Battle Creek, Michigan. I have a brother, Edward. My grandmother's name is Lora Rinker, who lived with us for awhile. My other grandparents are John Irving Bender and Esther Ann Vollick. I had a lot of aunts and uncles on my dad's side. I went all through school in Muncie and even went to college at Ball State. I was in the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority. We used to host things like dances and weiner roasts.  I married Fodge (Earl W Hays), who has since passed away in 1995. I work for the bank during the war and was in charge of printing the money. I also worked for a minister at the church. I have two children: Sheila and Steve. I like to play cards.

Ellanore Hartman

March 19, 1921

Ellanore Hartman was born in Marion County, Indiana on March 19, 1921. She was raised on a farm as an only child and spent most of her time in the company of animals. From this farm lifestyle, she cultivated a love of gardening. She finds joy in her potted plants and flowers. She was blessed with two children. She has one granddaughter and two great-grandsons. She has said that her favorite job was being a midwife and delivering babies into the world. She was married to her husband Ervin for 50 years. She is an avid lover of animals, especially cats. She loves to watch the news, especially Randy Ollis on channel 8. In fact, he even came to surprise her for her 100th birthday celebration! As we look back at her 100 years on this earth, we celebrate the many things she has achieved and seen in her long and full life.

Cecil Stringer

March 7, 1918

Cecil is a COVID-19 survivor and attributes her recovery to hot sauce! Cecil loves hot sauce on everything. In addition to hot sauce, she has two big loves in her life: BINGO and her family!

Emma Glass

December 27, 1918


Emma was raised on a farm and loves animals, especially horses. She also enjoys a variety of activities at the North Woods Village. Emma states, "The secret to living this long is activity. You got to keep the body moving. You can't sit around on your buns."

Edith Hallett

February 23, 1918

Edith Hallett is an absolute joy to be around. She loves playing games and spending time doing arts & crafts in the community.

Virginia Swim

January 20, 1921

Virginia Swim is a kind-hearted woman who always knows just what to say. She's fun to be around and is a genuine friend.

Stella Bennett

September 4, 1917

Stella is a mother to four children. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending church services, going outside, listening to hymns, making crafts and playing Bingo! Stella's best advice is, "Just get up everyday and do the best you can!"
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