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CARE Companions

At American Senior Communities, we believe that caring for others means personally knowing and valuing each individual as a person. We believe that each customer deserves to be known, recognized, understood and cared for as much emotionally as they do physically.

A Companion is someone who accompanies our residents on a journey. Someone they know who shares their burdens and joys. A Companion is dedicated to Compassion, Accountability, Relationships and providing Excellence in the care of our customers. This is our Culture of CARE.

  • Kristy Denton & Perry Shaver

    Cypress Grove Rehabilitation Center

    Meet Kristy Denton, Executive Director, and Cypress Grove resident, Perry Shaver.

    Kristy and Perry have a very special bond. Perry was the Resident Council President and often collaborated with Kristy to enhance the life of other residents at Cypress Grove while he held that role. Each day, they make sure to check in with one another and spend time together.

    They are both each other’s biggest cheerleader. Recently, Kristy competed in the 24 hour National Championship Endurance Run in Cleveland, OH. Perry made sure to wish her good luck before her big event and was waiting at the door for her to congratulate her on being named the Female National Champion. Supporting each other does not stop at big events like the National Championship. Kristy is always waiting to cheer for Perry through his rehabilitation and they both help each other grow as individuals.

  • Benny Fray & Colt Tennyson

    Benny Fray & Colt Tennyson

    Columbia Healthcare Center

    Benny Fray is the Maintenance Director at Columbia Healthcare Center and Colt Tennyson is one of our residents. These gentlemen had two things in common when they met: neither was enthused by the idea of a “CARE Companion” and both loved Harleys.

    At a morning staff meeting, a fellow manager shared how Colt loved motorcycles but thought he would never get to see one again. That caught Benny’s attention. Benny visited Colt’s room with pictures of motorcycles Benny had on his phone. Their friendship took off! Benny continued to visit Colt. Each time, Colt recalled the pictures Benny shared.

    Benny wanted to do something special for his new friend, so he brought his bike to Columbia after lunch one day. Benny, Colt, and other members of the community made their way outside where Benny’s Harley awaited. Colt beamed in awe of the shimmering machine he had not seen in so long. Benny could see Colt’s happiness. “You want to turn it on?” Benny asked. Colt turned the key and felt the roar of the engine. “Want me to rev it real good?” Benny asked him. Colt nodded and Benny revved the engine as loud as it could go! Colt’s eyes filled with tears, the bike sang, and Benny beamed knowing he had brought bikes back into Colt’s life.

  • Micaela Kamps & Jerrel Dean “Jewel” Clark

    Micaela Kamps & Jerrel Dean “Jewel” Clark

    Spring Mill Meadows – Healthcare

    Meet Micaela Kamps, Activities Director at Spring Mill Meadows, and resident Jerrel Dean “Jewel” Clark.

    Micaela met Jewel six months ago when she began working at Spring Mill Meadows. Their relationship began by Micaela checking in with Jewel every day as her CARE Companion, but quickly flourished into much more.

    They instantly bonded over their love of sweets and their silly sense of humor. They also love to sing and dance together at the musical events held at Spring Mill Meadows. They have shared many laughs, songs, and desserts together. The sweetest thing about their relationship is that Jewel walks Micaela to the front door every night to give her a hug & make sure that she “gets out on time.” No matter how busy each day gets, they always make time for each other!

  • Jan Luckett, Brenda McNulty & Jeneda Butler

    Jan Luckett, Brenda McNulty & Jeneda Butler

    American Village – Healthcare

    Brenda McNulty grew up in the city, but her father instilled in her a great love of the outdoors. As a family, they frequently visited state parks. She spent a lot of time at her great uncle’s farm, where she learned all about trees, wildflowers and animals. They always took the back roads to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

    For Jeneda Butler, Albany, Kentucky was home. She spent a lot of time on the family farm and playing in the woods. Her family always had lots of dogs and cats.

    Brenda and Jeneda are roommates at American Village. That is where they met Jan Luckett, Activity Director. Jan’s family instilled in her a love of the outdoors and a deep respect for all wildlife. Jan’s love of nature is obvious in the beautiful photographs she has taken on the campus. It is the shared love of nature and the outdoors that have bonded Brenda and Jeneda with their Care Companion, Jan. When weather permits, Brenda, Jeneda and Jan enjoy golf cart rides around the lake to enjoy the wildlife, such as a variety of birds, ducks and resident swans, George and Martha.

  • Brandie Cox & Diane Fidler

    Brandie Cox & Diane Fidler

    Cypress Grove Rehabilitation Center

    Meet Brandie Cox, RN/DNS at Cypress Grove, and resident Diana Fidler.

    The two of them have a history that spans decades, and their relationship has come full circle. When Diana came to Cypress Grove in need of nursing and therapy services, she was understandably nervous. However, seeing Brandie Cox’s familiar face came as a huge relief! Diana had been Brandie’s daycare provider when she was a child, and Brandie’s mother was also a nurse, so Diana knew she was in good hands.

    “Diana had a safe and fun house and was always finding ways to help us learn and grow,” Brandie said.

    “Diana would care for me even if I was sick, and she was an amazing second mom when I needed her. I feel very honored and privileged to be able to pay her back for all the care she gave me. Diana has reminded me why I love doing what I do.”

  • Mike Beres & Eugene Eakright

    Mike Beres & Eugene Eakright

    Valparaiso Care & Rehabilitation Center

    Meet Chef Mike Beres, Culinary Manager, and Valparaiso Care & Rehabilitation Center resident and fellow “chef” Eugene Eakright.

    Eugene loves to cook. When he became buddies with Chef Mike they connected in the kitchen. Monthly, these men create a special menu to share with residents, family members and the staff at Valparaiso.Eugene makes the menu suggestion and Mike gladly gets the ingredients and sets up a time for the two chefs to create their masterpieces.

    Recently they shared pizza puffs with everyone. Chef Mike made the dough, and Eugene helped with the rest, including delivery throughout the building. Everyone raved about how tasty they were!

    We are all grateful for this wonderful partnership, as we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. We are very thankful for Chef Mike and how he demonstrates our core values daily. He truly makes a difference in our residents’ lives!

  • Carl and Lisa

    Lisa Watkins & Carl Graveson

    Good Samaritan Home & Rehabilitative Center

    Meet Lisa Watkins, MDS Coordinator, and Carl Graveson, resident at Good Samaritan Home & Rehabilitative Center.

    They have a special bond that formed gradually over time. Lisa noticed that Carl seemed isolated, so she started taking a little time each day to interact with him to provide him with some companionship. Now that their friendship has grown, Lisa says Carl holds a special place in her heart and Carl says Lisa has the best personality of anyone he’s ever met.

    If anyone is ever looking for Carl you can probably find him with Lisa. They talk about many different kinds of things. Lisa helps make sure Carl never runs out of the items he likes to have, such as his sodas and peppermint candies. If he is having a bad day, Lisa is the one that can reassure him everything will be alright. When you see them together Carl has the biggest smile that just warms everyone’s hearts.

  • Christine & Clifton V2

    Christine Salazar & Clifton Bittle

    Coventry Meadows – Healthcare

    Meet Christine Salazar, Clinical Education Coordinator, and Coventry Meadows resident Clifton Bittle.

    The two began connecting over their shared love of the outdoors, and now they often spend their time telling stories out in the sun on the beautiful Coventry Meadows grounds. Their love of nature isn’t the only thing they have in common, though. They both hail from Ohio and are huge Buckeye sports fans.

    They both love getting new clothes. In fact, Cliff has a t-shirt collection he’s very proud of and is always excited when he gets to add to it. He shares with Christine about the meaning each of the pieces of his collection holds for him. Theirs is a friendship that just fits!

  • Tammy Wright & Ernestine McCowan

    Tammy Wright & Ernestine McCowan

    Canterbury Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

    Meet Tammy Wright, Activities Director at Canterbury Nursing & Rehabilitation, and resident Ernestine McCowan.

    The two have been care companions since the day Ernestine arrived at Canterbury.

    They hit it off immediately by bonding over their religion and the love they share for the same pastor. Ernestine loves to travel, attend Bible study and watch movies, all of which she talks about with Tammy in their daily discussions.

    They’re practically like family and can confide in each other whenever needed. Their friendship is truly a beautiful thing to witness.

  • Michelle and Gloria

    Michelle German & Gloria Ballard

    Springhill Village

    Meet Michelle German, CNA Concierge/SSD at Springhill Village, and resident Gloria Ballard.

    Michelle and Gloria love jewelry and always strive to be fashionable. The two of them got to know each other during National Nursing Home Week when they participated in Springhill Village’s “Wild Wheels” wheelchair parade. Gloria knew she needed to do something to wow the crowd, and Michelle had just the idea. The two of them worked together to decorate Gloria’s wheelchair and have her dress as a fairy, complete with a wand, wings and lots of bling!

    Now the two of them share makeup tips, and Michelle helps Gloria accessorize. They have such a close relationship, and Gloria has a simple explanation for why they’ve become such good friends. “It’s always fun to talk about pretty things!”

  • Kami LaRue & Betty Briggs

    Rosegate – Assisted Living & Garden Homes

    Meet Kami LaRue, Thrive Coordinator at Rosegate Assisted Living & Garden Homes, and CARE Companion to resident Betty Briggs.

    Betty took the idea of starting a Plarning Club to Kami. She loved the idea and helped Betty get the club started. Working together, they are making a difference by improving the lives of homeless people in their community by transforming plastic bags into sleeping mats for those in need.

    The process of making Plarn (“plastic yarn”) involves cutting plastic bags into strips, linking them together and rolling them into balls to store until enough is gathered. Much like crocheting with yarn, the Plarn is woven into patterns that will eventually make a sleeping mat. Because of the varied tasks needed to make Plarn, every member of the Rosegate community is welcome to join. From cutting to organizing to rolling, there’s a spot for everyone.

    Their club is truly unique and shows how people can come together to help others. Through their initial connection, Betty and Kami are helping to make a difference, and make friends in the community!

  • Bridget and Jesse

    Bridget Cowper & Jesse Storms

    Brownsburg Meadows – Garden Homes, Assisted Living & Memory Care

    Meet Bridget Cowper, Guest Relations Specialist at Brownsburg Meadows Assisted Living, and resident Jesse Storms.

    While Bridget and Jesse aren’t related by blood, they have a bond with each other that’s hard to describe as anything other than familial.

    Shortly before he moved into Brownsburg Meadows, Jesse’s wife passed away. The move and the loss made for an exceptionally tough adjustment period. However, being familiar with loss herself, Bridget introduced herself and worked to occupy Jesse’s time. In no time, the two of them started to bond over her love of gardening and his stories of the past.

    As their connection grew deeper, they came to understand the important roles they played in each other’s lives. Bridget’s parents had already passed, but she considered Jesse to be a parental figure to her all the same. In fact, Bridget asked Jesse to attend her son’s wedding as a stand-in father for her, and he happily accepted. The two of them continue to be inseparable, and they can always be found together enjoying activities and indulging in their love of sweets. Bridget feels very blessed to work at a place where she can enjoy each day with a wonderful person like Jesse, and Jesse is glad to call Brownsburg Meadows Assisted Living his home.

  • Stephanie And Gosherts Web

    Stephanie Booher & Ed and Nila Goshert

    Meet Stephanie Booher, Business Office Manager at Coventry Meadows Assisted Living, and residents Ed and Nila Goshert.

    The instant connection started with Stephanie sharing a birthday with Nila and calling each other “Birthday Buddies.” When Ed and Nila transitioned into the Assisted Living from the Garden Home, Ed stated that Stephanie straightened the couple out when they “didn’t know if we were pitching or hitting.”

    Stephanie has been such a help to the couple that Nila has Stephanie’s name written down in her Prayer Portal to pray for her each night. Nila also loves to hear Stephanie sing. Nila says she moves her mouth while Stephanie sings to the residents to make other’s think it’s Nila singing. Nila is so touched by Stephanie’s voice that she asked Stephanie to sing at her funeral.

  • Dee and Martha

    Dee Parish & Martha Brock

    Brownsburg Meadows – Healthcare

    Meet Dee Parish, MDS Coordinator, and resident Martha Brock.

    When asked for her words to live by, Brownsburg Meadows resident Martha Brock replied, “Always be yourself and trust in God.” Martha has a special relationship with the MDS Coordinator, Dee Parish. Dee and Martha happen to share the same birthday and they enjoy celebrating together. Dee surprised Martha on her birthday recently by cooking her favorite food: chicken livers.

    Dee and Martha also write poems for each other. In addition, while Martha’s grandson was on the Vatican Walk of 5,000 miles, Dee made Martha a book that included information about the stops that Martha’s grandson would be visiting on his journey. Together, they tracked Martha’s grandson online as he completed his journey through Spain.

    Dee and Martha share a strong bond that started with a shared birthday, and they are now best of friends.

  • Sara & Debbie

    Sara Barnett & Debbie Kennedy

    Danville Regional Rehabilitation

    Meet Sara Barnett, Memory Care Support Specialist and Debbie Kennedy Danville Regional Rehabilitation resident.

    Sara first met Debbie when she was the Activities Director and Debbie’s Customer Care Companion. Their relationship bloomed over a plant. One day when Sara was visiting, she noticed Debbie and her roommate at the time had a plant that had died in a planter in their room. Sara could see that Debbie loved plants because she had a lot them in her room that her daughter brought her. So Sara took the planter and bought a new plant to surprise Debbie. The two of them just clicked after that. They both love plants, the outdoors and gardening.

    Sara became the Memory Care Support Specialist in August of last year but that didn’t stop her relationship with Debbie to continue to grow. Debbie refers to Sara “as a daughter.” They spend time talking about their love for their children, gardening and birds. Sara keeps Debbie’s bird feeders full so they can watch the birds together. Debbie was very close to her Grandma and Sara was too. They both enjoy sharing memories of their Grandmas with each other. Sara says “Debbie is a bright light in my day.We look forward to our daily visits.”

  • Sue Rose & Edna Jacobs

    Mount Vernon Nursing & Rehabilitation

    Meet Edna Jacobs, Resident, and Sue Rose, Activities Director at Mount Vernon Nursing & Rehabilitation.

    Both Edna and Sue grew up in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Sue attended school with Edna’s daughter, Gayle. Edna was a well-known in the community as Sue was growing up and Sue always admired Edna’s involvement in charities, church and the lives of her children and grandchildren throughout the years.

    In July, 2016, Sue was able to meet Edna on a more personal level when she came to live with us at Mount Vernon Nursing & Rehabilitation. Edna and Sue bonded quickly and Sue became like a “bonus daughter” to Edna. They both have strong faith-based beliefs, a similar sense of humor and a love for coffee! When Edna gets down, Sue knows just what to do to get her back on the sunny side of life. They sit on the front porch and reminisce about growing up in this small town. Sue often plans activity outings with Edna, visiting her old neighborhood or watching the boats go by on the river. They have also been known to stop at the hardware store that Edna’s grandson owns to surprise her son-in-law and grandson. They truly have a one of a kind connection!

  • Dawn Brooks & Raymond Glaze

    Meadow Lakes – Healthcare

    Meet Dawn Brooks, Director of Marketing and Admissions and Meadow Lakes resident, Raymond Glaze.

    Whether it is bonding over their love for family or Raymond recounting his past, Dawn loves to visit him and listen to his stories. As his CARE Companion, she would visit him every day, say hi and try to make small talk. But it wasn’t until his grandson was visiting with some other family members that Dawn found that true connection. Raymond, too, comes from a large family. He is one of eight siblings and Dawn is one of six.

    Dawn says, “His love for his wife, Barbara, and their 72 years of marriage is absolutely inspiring. He is often giving me tips to a successful marriage and a happy life in general!” Dawn said one of Raymond’s favorite pieces of advice is, “Love each other and the rest is easy.”

    Raymond served in World War II, as did Dawn’s great grandpa. Raymond also retired from General Motors where he worked for 45 years as a machine repairman. Dawn’s grandpa also retired from GM. The two joke that Raymond and her grandpa would have been friends just like the two of them.

    Raymond enjoys bowling and golfing and promises to teach Dawn a thing or two, as she is not great with a golf club or a bowling ball. Each day, Dawn looks forward to her conversation with Raymond; she learns something new each time they talk.

  • Kim Hallenbeck and Betty Barbee

    Kim Hallenbeck & Betty Barbee

    Coventry Meadows – Healthcare

    Meet Kim Hallenbeck, Customer Care Coordinator and Coventry Meadows’ resident, Betty Barbee.

    Kim first met Betty while working as a Memory Care Support Specialist for a sister facility. Betty captured her heart instantly with her spunky personality, her sense of humor and her smile. The two just sort of clicked. Kim thinks it’s because they are both Pisces, love old blues and gospel music and enjoy poetry. Betty would write poems about the staff and Kim would type them up for her and have her read them aloud during activities. Betty’s kind and funny words about the staff would really make their day. Kim eventually took a different position with ASC but continued to visit stay connected with Betty.

    After visiting this past Christmas, Betty remained on Kim’s mind. Then, in February of this year, Kim was asked to visit a referred patient and when she stepped into the gentleman’s room, the two locked eyes and smiled. It was Betty’s son! He had plans to admit to Kim’s community for rehabilitation. The two talked about Betty and shared stories of her. It was at this time that the family decided that Betty and her son should reside in the same community. Because of this decision, Betty and Kim have been reunited! Kim is so excited to be able to see Betty every day again. Each time Kim visits Betty, she says, “I am greeted with a big smile, a dance, a poem or a ‘Hey, Little Bit,’ which is the nickname she has given me. I am grateful for our friendship and the connection that brought her back into my life.”

  • Don Reinking & Kimball Tetzloff

    Heritage Park – Healthcare

    Meet Don Reinking, Heritage Park resident, and Kimball Tetzloff, Environmental Supervisor.

    Kimball was fixing something in Don’s room and noticed two pictures Don had on the wall. Don’s family had made two magazine covers with his service photo, making it look like he had appeared on Time and Life Magazine. Kimball started asking Don about the pictures and they discovered that they had both served in the Army.

    Don served during World War II. He earned five Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts during five separate World War II campaigns including the D-Day invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. Don spoke German since he was a child, so he was assigned to special duties during his service. Kimball served stateside and he and Don have shared many war time memories together. Don showed Kimball all of his memorabilia and medals from the war. Don had the unforgettable opportunity to fly on an Honor Flight, and he hopes that Kimball will also get to experience this. We thank Don and Kimball for their valuable contribution to our freedom. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

  • Maryanne Harlan & Wayne Brown

    Cypress Grove Rehabilitation Center

    Meet Maryanne Harlan, Activities Director and Wayne Brown, Cypress Grove resident.

    Maryanne hails from Tennessee and Wayne from Kentucky. Both are huge fans of Hank Williams Jr., who happens to live right in the middle of where they grew up. Each of them has tracked down Hank’s home in Paris, TN and both used to love visiting the night club he owned back in the day where they would listen to live country music.

    Maryanne and Wayne share a love for all country music and frequently chat about their favorite country music singers. Wayne can answer any trivia question about old country music, so Maryanne loves to quiz him about it. Thanks to these interactions, Maryanne discovered that Wayne used to be in a band, specializing in singing Hank Williams Jr. songs. He was so good that he was asked to sing on the show, “You Can Be A Star.” They have learned a lot about their favorite music and each other by becoming close companions.


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