Are Independent Living Garden Homes the right choice, right now? 

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At American Senior Communities (ASC), our lifestyle options offer seniors a safe and maintenance-free environment, with a wide variety of amenities, social opportunities and healthcare services, when and if needed. We understand there are questions about how our residents are staying safe and engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic and we invite you to learn more. 


Is it safe to move into a Garden Home right now?  

Resident health and safety are our top priorities.  We continue to welcome new residents to our communities throughout the public health pandemic because we know there are seniors who need our support. Our residents also have access COVID-19 testing if needed and will receive priority when vaccines are available.   

ASC is also proud to introduce our new program, SMART Solutions.  With SMART Solutionswe now offer safe and sanitary move-ins in partnership with preferred providers.  We provide move-in guidelines that will assist you with your transition as we continue to ensure the health and wellness of our residents and employees. 


Can I see my loved ones?  

Yes! We help our residents stay connected with the people they love the most. Our Garden Homes offer you a warm and worry-free alternative where you can come and go as you please with friends and family.  You get more than just a place to live when you make the move to a Garden Home. You get an entire community of active, interesting neighbors along with caring staff trained to help you live your best life. At ASC, we continue to be in close contact with local, state and federal health authorities, following their guidance, mandates and reporting requirements.  We keep our residents abreast of all this information on a regular basis, ensuring you are educated in making safe and healthy decisions for you and your family and friends.   


Why isn’t living with my family a better choice during the pandemic? 

Living with family during the pandemic is an option many seniors have considered. We understand that family members who are still working, running errands and socializing outside the home worry about bringing the virus back home and putting their senior loved ones at risk. Our Garden Homes offer the perfect option for seniors who want the freedom to come and go but desire the amenities that come with living in an active senior living community. Our Garden Homes offer maintenance-free living, 24-hour emergency response system, and meal delivery options, which allows for peace of mind for our residents and their family members.    

ASC has also taken necessary steps to ensure that our residents and visitors avoid any health risks associated with the virus.  We began implementing electrostatic sprayers, which is a technique that involves applying a disinfectant with an electric charge. As the disinfection liquid is sprayed, it is “atomized” with a very fine mist. The mist, with its positive charge, is attracted to the surface like a magnet. This ensures high touch areas like doorknobs, light switches and buses are completely sanitized on a regular basis.  


Won’t I be isolated in Garden Home at American Senior Communities?  

 No!  Our residents have the benefit of interacting with friends and family each day. Our community also provides complimentary transportation that will get you where you want to go safely. Garden Homes offer the conveniences of living independently while helping you navigate and explore the myriad ways life can be richer. 

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