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The Best Fall Activities for Seniors

Lifestyle & Activities | September 25, 2017

Enjoying the beautiful colors is a great fall activity for seniorsFall is a favorite season for many, and with good reason. After a long, hot summer, the crisp air and vibrant colors are a welcoming change. Plus, it’s time for pumpkin-flavored everything! With the arrival of a new season, the opportunity to enjoy some new activities or participate in your personal favorites is here, too.

Enjoy Fall with these Senior Activities

Don your favorite cozy sweater or flannel and get ready to enjoy the season! Here are a few fun things to do in the fall seniors can enjoy:

Enjoy the fall foliage. The leaves changing colors are truly a glorious sight to see. Set aside some time this fall to take a nature walk, or simply sit outside on the porch, enjoying the fresh air while taking in all the beauty of the season.

Head to a pumpkin patch. Nothing says fall more than visiting a pumpkin patch! This is also a great fall activity seniors can enjoy with their grandchildren. Allow your grandkids to pick out their favorite pumpkin, and then a little later in the season you can even help them carve them into jack-o-lanterns.

Create some fall decorations. Gather up some of those vibrant fallen leaves and let your creativity flow. You can use a needle and thread to create a festive garland or make a wreath, for a couple examples. Or, use them to make a pretty centerpiece.

Go apple picking. Fall is not just pumpkin season, it’s also apple season! Head to a local orchard and pick some fresh apples right off the trees. As an added bonus, you’ll get some good exercise! This is another fun thing to do in the fall with the grandkids, too. Don’t forget to pick up some fresh cider while you’re at the orchard! Is there anything better than enjoying a hot cup of cider on a chilly fall evening?

Shop at a farmer’s market. Enjoy the bounty of the harvest season by shopping at a farmer’s market for fresh fruit, veggies and local crafts. Shopping local is a great way to boost the economy in your community.

Try a new hobby. Have you always wanted to learn how to knit, build birdhouses, write a memoir or join a book club? Fall is the perfect season to pick up a new hobby! When the weather starts to get colder, you’ll have a way to stay entertained throughout the winter months.

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