Brenda McNulty grew up in the city, but her father instilled in her a great love of the outdoors. As a family, they frequently visited state parks. She spent a lot of time at her great uncle’s farm, where she learned all about trees, wildflowers and animals. They always took the back roads to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.

For Jeneda Butler, Albany, Kentucky was home. She spent a lot of time on the family farm and playing in the woods. Her family always had lots of dogs and cats.

Brenda and Jeneda are roommates at American Village. That is where they met Jan Luckett, Activity Director. Jan’s family instilled in her a love of the outdoors and a deep respect for all wildlife. Jan’s love of nature is obvious in the beautiful photographs she has taken on the campus. It is the shared love of nature and the outdoors that have bonded Brenda and Jeneda with their Care Companion, Jan. When weather permits, Brenda, Jeneda and Jan enjoy golf cart rides around the lake to enjoy the wildlife, such as a variety of birds, ducks and resident swans, George and Martha.

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