Meet Kami LaRue, Thrive Coordinator at Rosegate Assisted Living & Garden Homes, and CARE Companion to resident Betty Briggs.

Betty took the idea of starting a Plarning Club to Kami. She loved the idea and helped Betty get the club started. Working together, they are making a difference by improving the lives of homeless people in their community by transforming plastic bags into sleeping mats for those in need.

The process of making Plarn (“plastic yarn”) involves cutting plastic bags into strips, linking them together and rolling them into balls to store until enough is gathered. Much like crocheting with yarn, the Plarn is woven into patterns that will eventually make a sleeping mat. Because of the varied tasks needed to make Plarn, every member of the Rosegate community is welcome to join. From cutting to organizing to rolling, there’s a spot for everyone.

Their club is truly unique and shows how people can come together to help others. Through their initial connection, Betty and Kami are helping to make a difference, and make friends in the community!

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