Meet Lanny Ferguson, bus driver, and Rob Regula, Danville Regional Rehabilitation long term care resident. Their friendship brewed over a cup of coffee! One morning between appointments, Lanny invited Rob to have a cup of coffee with him and Rob accepted. Lanny says, “Rob was a hard shell to crack, but he has a great demeanor and we relate to each other very well.” Lanny often arrives to work a little early so he and Rob can enjoy their coffee connection. They like to talk about the Cubs, Notre Dame sports and the Indianapolis Colts. When Lanny sings and plays the guitar for the residents, Rob will often join in on occasion to sing along. They support each other in myriad ways, including spiritually; they consider their friendship to be a real blessing. Not a day goes by without making each other’s day a little better, praying together and trying new coffee flavors. Rob says, “Lanny is a real role model for me. Just like an older brother, he fills a gap in my life that has been vacant for a long time.” All it took was a simple cup of coffee for these two to form a forever friendship.

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