Meet Lisa Watkins, MDS Coordinator, and Carl Graveson, resident at Good Samaritan Home & Rehabilitative Center.

They have a special bond that formed gradually over time. Lisa noticed that Carl seemed isolated, so she started taking a little time each day to interact with him to provide him with some companionship. Now that their friendship has grown, Lisa says Carl holds a special place in her heart and Carl says Lisa has the best personality of anyone he’s ever met.

If anyone is ever looking for Carl you can probably find him with Lisa. They talk about many different kinds of things. Lisa helps make sure Carl never runs out of the items he likes to have, such as his sodas and peppermint candies. If he is having a bad day, Lisa is the one that can reassure him everything will be alright. When you see them together Carl has the biggest smile that just warms everyone’s hearts.

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