Community Living in Winter – The Benefits to Seniors

Benefits of Senior Living Communities in Winter

Winter can be a tough time of year for seniors. The cold, blustery weather can make it difficult to go outdoors, even for something as simple as walking down the driveway to retrieve the mail. Plus, many seniors are more at risk for a variety of illnesses and isolation that often leads to depression.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way! There’s a perfect solution to avoiding the challenges seniors face throughout the winter: living in a senior living community.

A Variety of Services and Amenities for a Safe, Fun Winter

One of the biggest benefits senior living communities offer to residents is the fact that everything they need to thrive is offered all in one convenient location. Many senior living communities offer a “campus” lifestyle. Residents simply have to travel from building to building for meals, social events and healthcare, often never even needing to step foot outside into the cold.

Some of the great benefits community living provides for seniors include:

Social activities on-site. Senior living communities have long recognized the importance of staying socially active in your later years. When seniors live alone in their homes, during the winter when the weather is bad it can be difficult to interact and engage with others. However, avoiding social isolation in the winter is not a problem at a senior living community. Residents have access to a wide variety of events and activities, everything from bingo and movie nights to speaking engagements and lifelong learning opportunities.

Scheduled transportation to off-campus events or appointments. Road conditions throughout the winter can often be hazardous, leading to many seniors dreading getting in their car for any reason. This can lead to skipped doctor appointments or trips to the grocery store, or even simply missing out on seeing friends and family. At a senior living community, residents don’t need to worry about driving to off-campus appointments or events, as transportation is often readily available as needed.

A variety of fitness and wellness programs. Staying physically active is vital to overall health and wellness, and senior living communities have plenty of options available to residents to ensure the blood stays flowing and the heart rate gets elevated regularly. Instead of taking the risk of walking outside on an icy sidewalk to get some exercise, or worse- not moving at all– residents can take part in exercise programs offered right on campus. They can choose to work out in the fitness center, or take a yoga or water aerobics class.

On-site, daily dining services. Because sometimes driving is not an option during the winter, some seniors end up not eating as healthy as they should, or even skipping meals altogether. In a senior living community, residents enjoy delicious, healthy meals in a beautiful restaurant-style dining room on a daily basis. This is not only important for their overall nutrition and health, but gone is the need to spend time meal planning, shopping for groceries, or cleaning up a sink full of dirty dishes.

American Senior Communities offers a variety of independent living apartments and assisted living apartments throughout our locations. Contact us today to request more information.

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