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Caring people make the difference at Riverside Village. You can feel it the minute you walk into our community and meet our staff. They are experts in senior care who are not just doing a job, but following a calling. They are here to help you and your family find answers, solutions and peace of mind. In fact, they become an extension of your family.

Riverside Village is located on West Franklin Street near State Road 19 in Elkhart, Indiana. Elkhart General Hospital, the St. Joseph River and several parks are all just minutes away. You will have peace of mind knowing that loved ones are in a safe community that is close to important amenities.

Whether you are looking for rehabilitation, memory care, nursing, long-term, respite or hospice care, Riverside Village is the ideal nursing home community in Elkhart, Indiana.

Accepting Medicare, Managed Care and Private Insurances, our specialists will help you understand your benefits.

Also, we accept Medicaid and can help with the application process too!

Call and ask for a member of our admissions team for more information or stop by and visit. We look forward to serving you!

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  • Moving Forward Rehabilitation

    Our Moving Forward program is designed for those striving to restore abilities lost due to stroke, cardiovascular difficulties, orthopedic surgery and other debilitating conditions. Programs vary in frequency and intensity and include physical, occupational and speech/language therapies. Our goal is to return our participants home safely with the skills they need to continue life on their own terms.

    Physical Therapy focuses primarily on independent mobility, regaining strength and balance, using proper body mechanics and energy saving techniques to better perform mobility tasks.

    Occupational Therapy promotes independence with daily living activities like bathing, eating, dressing, self-care and home management tasks. Participants gain strength and coordination while learning to conserve their energy.

    The goal of Speech/Language Therapy is to increase functional communication, cognitive skills, and teach safe swallowing by introducing diet modifications and special feeding techniques. Therapy may include muscle retraining, compensatory strategies, and use of communication devices.

    Exclusively at American Senior Communities, the Road to Recovery program offers the opportunity for our interdisciplinary team, the patient, and their family to meet within the first 72 hours after admission to map out their Road to Recovery by identifying discharge goals. We monitor our rehabilitation outcomes and use the data to consistently improve our services. In-home assessments are performed by the therapy team prior to discharge to ensure a safe transition back to home.

    Services include wound care, rehabilitation screenings, fall prevention, restraint reduction, restorative nursing, contracture management, wheelchair position and mobility, walking ability programs and more.

  • Auguste’s Cottage Memory Care

    Auguste’s Cottage is a structured, research-based memory care program. We utilize a person-centered, wellness-based model of care that incorporates stimulating daily activities to sustain independence and promote a healthy spirit. Auguste’s Cottage is a self-contained center within our care community. The concept is to focus on maintaining a secure, home environment where residents have a sense of belonging and meaning each and every day. We offer:

    • A Meaningful Day activity program that builds on the eight domains of wellness
    • An emphasis on holistic and innovative care philosophies
    • A reminiscent and dementia supportive living environment

    Auguste’s Cottage is a self-contained center within our communities. We surround residents with artwork and special personal items from their past to help foster a sense of belonging and cultivate feelings of security. Plants adorn the halls and pets visit frequently. This protected environment fosters dignity and supports autonomy by reducing challenges.

  • Long-Term Care

    Long-term care includes a variety of services for people who cannot care for themselves for extended lengths of time. Under the guidance of an attending physician, long-term acute care is provided at our long-term care facilities by licensed nurses, specially trained health care aides and a full interdisciplinary care team.

    When you or your aging loved one can no longer be cared for in the home, long-term care offers around the clock care by a specially trained team of healthcare professionals. Physical, occupational and speech therapies are also available to ensure our long-term health care residents function at the highest level of independence as possible. The setting is home-like, cheerful, soothing and secure to ensure the highest quality of life is maintained for you or your loved ones.

  • Respite Care

    While it’s natural for caregivers to allow their own needs to get pushed aside, it’s important for them to realize that they deserve a break from their responsibilities in order to properly care for themselves.

    This is where senior respite care can make a difference in a caregiver’s life. Respite stays are an option for those who need respite care services for elderly friends or family on a short-term basis. This allows home caregivers the ability to travel, start a new job, recuperate from an illness, or pursue other interests. Many find respite stays are the perfect option for recovery from surgery or hospitalization.

    Should a short stay require extended care, we can accommodate that, too. We carefully examine the needs of our respite guests and provide the level of care required to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable. Family members leave with the confidence that their loved one is safe and in good hands.

  • Hospice Care

    Hospice and palliative care for seniors is designed to provide comfort, care, and pain relief for those facing terminal illness. Hospice care involves a team approach to supporting patients and their families with expert medical care and pain management, along with meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of both the patient and the family.

    Hospice and palliative care represent a compassionate approach to end-of-life care, assuring the best quality of life and allowing your loved ones to live as comfortably as possible. American Senior Communities partners with local hospice companies to offer comprehensive hospice services, including skilled nursing care, respite care, spiritual and bereavement counseling, medical equipment and supplies, social services, and pharmacy services. By assembling an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, aides, volunteers, social workers and clergy, we are able to serve the special needs of hospice patients and their families.

“I have been here for four months. I like that I get to meet a lot of different people. I also enjoy participating in different activities. The food here is pretty good, too! The staff here is attentive to my needs. I enjoy having different visitors here from outside the facility, especially my girlfriend. The staff pays attention to the residents. I feel pretty safe here.”

— John Swett, resident

“This place keeps me busy. I enjoy Bingo and knowing that there is always something going on. There are all sorts of different games. I have met a lot of people here who I have built relationships with. The staff is always willing to help. They make sure to watch me walk all the way down the hall to make sure I don’t fall. There are no problems here. The facility is always nice and clean. I like that.”

— Dorothy Morris, resident

“I love it here. Most of the residents are very nice. The care is good too. I enjoy being on my laptop, playing Bingo, and I love their craft activities, especially painting the ceramics. My grandson came and brought me lunch today. I love having family visit. It’s nice being able to do my own thing sometimes, but other times I enjoy playing Uno and Yahtzee. Overall, I have no complaints.”

— Linda Sage, resident

“I’ve made a lot of progress due to all of their girls in therapy. When I came here, I had a fractured bone in my foot, and I couldn’t bear weight for six weeks. Two weeks later I was able to start standing and even take a few steps. I have no pain in my feet at all. I’m motivated to get home; all of the people here have been so encouraging. I like all the CNAs and the help here. Once I leave I will miss the people the most.”

— Shirley Myers, Moving Forward patient

“I have been here since June. I like the residents and the staff. I also like playing games here. Bingo and Pokeno are my favorite. People take care of me here. The aides and nurses are all very nice. I have visitors here all the time. Some of my old Bingo friends even get to pick me up and take me out to breakfast!”

— Tom Watson, resident

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