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The Fears of Moving into an Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living | July 15, 2014

fears of moving into assisted living facilityWhen it comes time to discuss moving your loved one into an assisted living facility, there are bound to be some questions and concerns that arise. Often, seniors find the prospect of leaving their homes overwhelming and scary, and it may take a bit of convincing to prove that moving into an assisted living facility is the best option for them.

Biggest Fears of Moving into an Assisted Living Facility

  • The fear of losing independence. Your loved one may be concerned that once he or she leaves the home, everyday freedoms will be compromised. However, assistance with daily chores like cooking and cleaning should be looked at as a positive aspect, as over time these tasks have probably become cumbersome and time-consuming. Your loved one will actually have more free time to do the things he or she enjoys doing, whether it be playing cards with others or a quiet afternoon of crocheting.  Your loved one can choose which activities to join, without having to depend on family members to drive them anywhere.
  • The fear of the move itself. Packing up an entire house at any age can be a daunting task. The home and the items it contains all hold cherished memories, and deciding what to part with can be extremely difficult. However, your loved one doesn’t have to leave all those belongings behind. Some of the comforts of home can make the move into the assisted living facility. You can plan an afternoon with the entire family, including your aging loved one, to go through those cherished items, listen to stories surrounding them, and make sure some of the items not making the move stay in the family.
  • The fear of being neglected. A common fear among seniors moving into assisted living facilities is that they will be forgotten by their friends and family once they’ve settled in. It’s important for family members to plan regular visits with their loved ones during the initial adjustment period to help keep them comfortable in their new surroundings. Your loved one should also know that the staff at the assisted living facility are there to help meet all their needs, even with more advanced care as it becomes necessary.
  • The fear of the cost. Many seniors may think assisted living is not an option for them simply because of the costs associated with it. However, if they start to add up the costs for maintaining their home (like utility bills and property taxes), making necessary modifications to their home (like to make it wheelchair-friendly), and even eventually the cost for in-home health care, they’ll see how quickly all these costs add up. With proper financial planning and Social Security or VA benefits, sometimes moving into an assisted living facility is actually a more cost-effective option.

It’s important for caregivers to listen to their aging loved ones’ fears and concerns about starting a new chapter of their lives at an assisted living facility. Before the move, have a conversation with your loved one to address their fears, and then take a tour of the facility and meet the staff if possible. Your loved one’s mind will be put to ease when they see all the amazing amenities offered at today’s assisted living facilities, and this should make the next step of moving into an assisted living facility much easier.

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