How Can the Nurse Licensure Compact Benefit Nurses at ASC?

On July 1, 2020, Indiana joined the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC). The NLC is an agreement between select states aiming to benefit those looking for more flexibility in their nursing careers and allows nurses to work across NLC state lines. Historically in the state of Indiana, out-of-state Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) were required to obtain licensure from the Indiana State Board of Nursing.

Prior to the passing of this legislation in July of 2020, out-of-state nurses interested in working in Indiana needed to apply for an Indiana Nursing license. Indiana nurses looking to work in NLC states needed to apply for their desired state’s nursing license as well. This application process would potentially result in hundreds of dollars of fees and a delay in nurses being able to provide care to patients.

What are the benefits of the NLC?

There are currently 34 states in the Nurse Licensure Compact. Instead of having to apply for each state’s nursing license, applicants can now file one form and make a single payment of $100 to receive a compact license valid in all 34 states. This opportunity provides nurses with a more cost-effective option than obtaining individual licensure in each state.

Additionally, this makes the prospect of living in one state but working in another easier and more enticing, especially for nurses who live on the border of two NLC states such as Indiana and Kentucky. At American Senior Communities (ASC), we have approximately ten locations that could provide nurses who reside in the state of Kentucky with career opportunity and growth due to the implementation of the NLC.

In addition to the added convenience for nurses, the NLC also assists those seeking care to get the help they need by expanding care opportunities and allowing for greater choice if their preference in care provider is out-of-state. Those in rural areas or on the border of two NLC states could particularly benefit from the Nurse Licensure Compact.

When asked about the potential benefit healthcare providers can expect from Indiana joining the NLC, Mina Kouklan, ASC’s Director of Talent Acquisition, said, “This is an incredible opportunity for nurses everywhere. Ultimately, whether they work for ASC or not, it’s a victory for the patients. In the end, it’s all about them.”

Overall, the NLC provides:

  • A faster application process for nurses than those outside of the NLC
  • Helps reduce licensure costs
  • Greater flexibility for nurses with varying lifestyles
  • More resources for both nurses and healthcare providers

To learn more about the Nurse Licensure Compact and Indiana’s role in the NLC, please visit the ISDH website. If you are a nurse currently residing in a NLC state and are interested in joining the ASC family, please visit

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