How to Use the ASC Independent Living Decision Toolkit

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Once you’ve made the decision to move to an independent living community, or you’re at least considering it, figuring out how to start the search can be a little overwhelming. These types of communities can vary greatly in terms of apartment or villa sizes, services and amenities and cost. It’s a lot to keep track of, and comparing one location with another is more than a little challenging.

That’s why we created the ASC Independent Living Decision Toolkit. This resource is designed to help educate older adults like you so you can make the most informed decision—one you’ll be happy with now and into the future.

Elements of the ASC Independent Living Decision Toolkit

Inside this resource, you will find several useful tools:

  • Home page: The main landing page for the toolkit provides you with an overview of independent living and its benefits. It covers everything from safety and security to different types of independent living.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ): Because we understand seniors often have many questions about independent living, we developed an FAQ page. Here you’ll find answers to questions such as What are the differences between assisted living and independent living?
  • Financing independent living: While most older adults pay for independent living using savings and proceeds from the sale of their home or other investments, there are other options to consider. Some are designed to help in the short term as you prepare for this transition.
  • Tips for touring a community: Personal visits are one of the most important aspects of a search for an independent living community. These provide you with an opportunity to tour the location, meet the staff and ask questions. Knowing what to look for and what to ask is essential. This tip sheet will help with that.

Other Useful Information on Independent Living

  • Independent Living vs. Assisted Living: How Are They Different?: In this article, we take a deeper look at these two distinct types of senior living. Understanding the differences will help ensure you are searching for the type of housing that best meets your needs.
  • Does Community Living Promote Healthier Living for Seniors?: There’s plenty of evidence to show that isolated and lonely older adults experience higher rates of health issues. This resource highlights all the ways senior living communities improve mental and physical well-being.
  • New Energy Wellness: Part of what makes ASC independent living communities so unique is our commitment to health and wellness for each of our residents. Using research-based methods and special equipment designed for mature adults, our residents and the community at-large can participate in daily exercise programs.

Read and Share This Toolkit

For many seniors, this isn’t a decision to be made alone. Adult children and other family members are often involved in the search. Having an extra set of eyes and ears involved is definitely an advantage. If you find the ASC Independent Living Decision Toolkit to be helpful, we encourage you to share it with the loved ones in your life. It will allow them to learn more about this type of senior living so they can better support you through this transition.

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